Monday, May 22, 2017

theo daisy: 36 months and rocky peyton: 17 months

post by casey.

digging deep here today. I've got a saying hanging in the living-room: These Are The Days. Trying to stay 'in the moment'...but I've also got 6 kids at the house. There's nothing wrong with having 6 kids in the house - a lot of times I'd like to have 6 kids in the house - MY OWN 6 kids. Anyone ever watch Louis C.K.'s Other People's Kids...even just the first 1-1/2MIN.?! Worth a watch, if you have a semi-dark sense of humor;).

so yeah. 6 kids. 1/2 of which are not mine. 1/2 of which cry at the same.damn.time;). My hats off to anyone in a profession of caring for other people's children. 

okay, I feel better now that I got that off my chest anddddd since the crying has stopped;)

so here are 2 of my 3 children! And starting in August/September, I'll be home alone with just the 2 of them! Homer will be in school and I feel like our entire lives will change in those few short weeks before the baby comes in October:)

theo daisy is 3YRS and almost 2MO:) She still thinks screaming/shrieking/whining will get her somewhere in life. Her and Homer wake up fighting. I wonder if they fight in their sleep - they share a room...which has actually gone really well!. She's sassy and adorable and full of questions and wonder and the obsession with her parts seems to be here to stay for a while. And that's been disgusting for everyone;). 

if you spend any time with her at all, you'll be fooled into thinking you want to take her home with you;) Baby girl, you are a disgusting riot:)

rockyP. Rocky is so random! He's quiet as a mouse, except for when he isn't:) He's got such a quiet but quirky personality! Lately, he's been stuck to mom like glue. Teething or sensing a new baby coming, maybe a little of both, but I'll take the cuddles:) He's not really a talker but it's obvious he's playing us for fools cause he knows what he's doing;)

he's learning to hold his own with the older 2 punks and he still loves milk above anything else. He's handsome and a good sleeper, we've got him sleeping through the night - for the most part:). He likes to play catch and turn the pages when we read books.

i'm having a hard time coming up with other things that he actuallyyyyyy does and not that I just tell the Doctor he does so that they don't want to enroll him in some sort of ridiculous program for 18MO olds who don't speak in full sentences yet - *EYE ROLL*

rockyP, you're a cool cat:)

including his 18MO photos here, as well...we're behind. SHOCKING:)
My babies are old and I'll be happy to bring back that 'new baby smell' in October:):)

all photos courtesy of Courtney Smith Photography:)

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