Monday, October 31, 2016

free potty training treats. aka. Halloween.

post by casey.

i don't know about you...but I have a love/hate relationship with Halloween.

unicorn . puppy . self-proclaimed, black panther :)

a mother that doesn't know when to quit with all.the.picture.taking;)

costume preparation or lack-there-of. LOVE/HATE.
I don't want to spend a dime on costumes and I'd like the kids to make their own...we've found a happy medium, for the time being and because of the kids' ages, with inexpensive 2nd-hand or free hand-me-downs.

all those clowns. HATE.

always below 50degrees on Halloween. Always. Sometimes sleeting:/ HATE.

my brother-in-law driving over to my place, sneaking through my yard and standing outside my window in a clown mask. HATE.

how freaking cute Theo was in a Unicorn costume:) LOVE.

homer saying Trick-or-Treat and Thank You at every door. LOVE.

the clowns. WHY??? HATE.

my nephew, Luke, stepping in dog shit before we even left the house. HATE.

the annual stop at the Church for hot cocoa and chit chat:) LOVE.

jacob driving creepishly slow, in the Astro van, down the street behind us. LOVE;)

i really do enjoy this holiday:) And hope to someday be able to afford to stay home and pass out the 'expensive' candy. We see you, off-brand-tootsie-roll guy!!! You're not fooling anyone and that shit is going straight to the potty-training-treats bucket...although, I'm not even sure it'll fool a 2YR old;)

and now I'm going to go to bed because, by some miracle, the kids fell asleep by 830PM, even jacked up on all that candy! And I'm sitting here with a 1/2 eaten pint of ice-cream that I can't finish. Which means I must be getting sick - eating a full pint of ice-cream in one sitting has become far too easy and Jacob was actually put off when I asked him to put it back in the freezer;).

i hope you all had a successful - in whatever way Halloween is successful to you;) - and safe Halloween!!:) and a brother-in-law that's not such a dick;)

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

unrelated shit to go with a shitload of unrelated photos.

so we've officially adjusted to FALL. Initially, I'm all...Fall Schmallllllll:( Those first few 60degree days have me putting away the stroller and swearing off walks for the rest of the year:( But in the last week, we've adjusted and I had to chuckle while walking to coffee the other was 38degrees but that sun felt damnnnnn good:)

our Annual MOA Shopping Trip is right around the corner!!!! Which means you'll see me walking along the highway collecting cans and offering to wash your windshield at the one stop light in town - Don't LOOK AWAY FROM ME!!!!;)
the shopping is So much fun andddd SO much money;) This trip has me torn because I desperately want to be a minimalist. BUT I love finding great deals and I love fashion and so yeah...I'm trying to find a happy medium in getting rid of things that I don't find joy in (aka. don't fit but I hope will one day fit...but who am I kidding;) and purchasing a tad more expensive but solid/classic pieces. BUT I'm not so easily placed in one little fashion box:/
Some days I'm a yellow t-shirt with kitten faces and the other 6 days I'm black on black. HELLPPPPP.

anyhoo. I've managed to cash-flow this entire shopping trip. I really have no other choice - HASHTAG BASAHML: Broke-Ass-Stay-At-Home-Mom-Life. And I've started 2 more 'envelopes' for saving. One for a possible JACOB+CASEY vacay this coming Spring!  And one for our fix up all the things that need fixing up.
Knowing I have the money set aside in advance is a relief but anyone else have a hard time spending cash!? Arg. Guess that's the point but man, oh man:)

anyone else watching This Is Us? Is your face tired of crying all of the tears that you have in your eyes!!!!!?'s good:')

and now a couple other random things I've seen/heard/been annoyed by over the last few weeks that I feel compelled to share with ya;)

a quote that reminded me of what a straight psycho I've been the last few weeks. Sorry hubs;)
"That's what people do who love you. They put their arms around you and love you when you're not so lovable." - Deb Caletti

i've veryyyyyyy cautiously been throwing around the idea of getting my nose pierced and having my eyebrows microbladed and gettin' a little botox for my 34th birthday, in March. 
I'll add that I have a larger than small nose, am currently trying to have a tattoo removed and drive an Astro Van. SOOOOO this could all end up being a complete nightmare?!;)

my feet need THESE or the less expensive, THESE. And THESE. And they shouldn't want OMG. I'd do all the things - and I meannnnnn all.the.thingzzzzzz;) - in these boots;)
Okay...that started with one shoe and got completely out of hand!

a Podcast I'm loving right now: The Chris Loves Julia Podcast. Cute.As.Heck.
Is everyone on the Podcast train yet? Been there, done that OR not there yet and no plans to come??;)

and if you survived all that, congrats...I wish I could afford to send you a gift because you deserve it...but the ditch-cans were scarce this week;)
Now photos of a weekend we spent on the lake that was as magical as most weekends on the lake tend to be:)

misquitos: 27   theo: 0

70minutes till Wednesday:)