Sunday, November 27, 2016

for every year this Christmas tree, brings to us such joy and glee.

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the argument you don't want to be having...AT the Christmas Tree who was supposed to bring the money! Oops;)

WE GOT A CHRISTMAS TREE!!!!:) It's perfect and just shy of 9ft tall and only set us (I mean, Pigg - thanks for spotting us the cashhhhhh;) back $23!!! 

anyone else obsessed with this time of year? 

anyone else having a hard time finding the perfect Spotify Christmas Playlist - taking suggestions!!!!?? 

anyone else currently wearing a Star Wars Themed Festive sweater - HERE -  from the youth boys section at Target? Just me?;)

L Theo and Rocky almost look the same damn size!!!!
R Homer falling on his ass;)

this little, local place, was called Golden Feather Game Farm out of Spencer, WI. SO cute and festive! They've also got a zoo of sorts, in the summer, that we plan to come back to visit - $5 per person:).

when I was a kid, we went and cut down a tree every year, that I can remember! This little place only had pre-cut trees but was still a great experience for the kids (and less work for Jacob;). We'd love for this to be our yearly tradition but in the past - because of newborns or wayyyyy below freezing temps - we've had to send Jacob to the gas station:/. SO we'll see what next year brings but this place will be my top hope for our future Christmas trees!!!:)

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

oh, shit.

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* this post was written and wrapped up between 1130PM and 1210AM last night/this morning. I do my best work while laying in bed, already stressing about the sleep i won't get, with my husband snoring on one side of me and a toddler on the other - her leg though...that's on my forehead.
Happy Tuesday, friends:)

i wish I could tell you this was the 1st time we've found them jumping naked on the trampoline!;)

1130PM - Monday

i'm going to venture to guess that your day involved way less shit - actual shitttt - than mine did.
Unless of course your 1YR old took off his cloth diaper and shit on the floor - while you were on the phone with the Charter guy, unsuccessfully trying to lower your internet bill - and then maybe - definitely - ate a bit of it.

and then your 4-1/2YR old took a monsterous dump in the toilet and didn't flush it and you didn't realize that until hours later when the smell lead you to it?

and thennnn - oh, it's gettin goooodddd - your 6YR old nephew has a tummy ache and doesn't make it to the toilet - which we won't discover until later...when Rocky is possibly - DEFINITELY - eating.more.shittttt. 
Andddd he clogged the toilet with toilet paper and unclogged it with his hands and he left all of the evidence of that behind...and then we all shared a box of cereal...unknowingly...with that 6YR old. Yeahhhhh, the one that unclogged the toilet with his God.damn.hand.

i left that part out when I was replaying this to Jacob because he was actively gagging already:/

so...that all you got MONDAY?! It's only 1132PM...come at me! - please don't. Dear god...bring on Tuesday;) I think I was actually going to talk about changing my eating habits or how much I love kids, in this post?! But I think I'll wait on that;)

holiday/partial 'work' weeks beat the shit out of me but I'm clinging to Thanksgiving. The day my husband has off work but forgoes family for the woods and the off chance of shooting a deer. I'll spend all day wrangling kids  - what's new;) - and eating massive bites of food between feeding my kid a bite of food after they refused their own food but then when I sat down to eat, suddenly they are hungry - what's new!!!!!. My only plan is to push them away with a single finger to the forehead, while I talk politics and life and travel and shitty kids with my family, around one large table:)

76 days till Mexico. The end;)

1210AM - Tuesday

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

rocky peyton: ONE YEAR

post by casey

banner courtesy of: Party Happier - thank you, Renee:):)

Rocky Peyton turned ONE. 

i feel like I've really hit my stride with 3 kids:) I won't deny that there are many, mannyyyyy hard days and more than a few where I raise my voice or jump out from behind the door when Jacob walks in from a long day at work and sock him in the side of the head...with a kid;) BUT for real...I struggled BIG time with 2. But 3 is just...good!:) 

PS. 3 isn't our number;)

i'd like to clarify that 3 is good because I've let go of those things I can not change...well...not entirely. Whatttttt I'm trying to that I'm not as hard on myself. I give-in to the days more. I allow us to fall down but then I still get back up and going...and normally without crying!;) I still don't cook worth shit. And I get bored. And I spend too much:/ And a lot of the week the kids manage to wake-up before me. And Homer's currently got his face stuck in my phone, playing games. And I'm allowing Rocky to rip apart a full roll of saran wrap - Jacob's gonna kill me but I plan on blaming the dog;)
These days...I feel like a mom and maybe even a semi-decent one?! Who am I kidding...definitely, decent. Above-average-decent. Good. Pretty good;)

i've come a long way from that girl who convinced her 5 year old nephew that I was his 'real mom'. I mayyyy have been the only one to find the humor in that;/ It's a wonder that my family wasn't sure being a 'mom' would be a good fit for me;)

ANYWAY. Rocky turned ONE and he's just the light of our lives!:) He's spoiled us and his personality was just what we needed:)

RockyP...I was sure you were a girl - WRONG. I was sure I'd get the epidural - WRONG. I was sure 3 would be hard and scary - WRONG. I've never been happier to have been so wrong about all the things:') These last 365 days have been a joy.

i drew the 1 backwards...I'm still confused about how that happened. Maybe a little to do with being in a rush, seeing as we decided to start planning and prepping for this get-together the morning OF the get-together. 3rd child problems;)

we only do immediate family and keep the gifts small and sweet:)
And we chose to do breakfast for dinner again - we did the same for Homer's 4th Birthday in May - because it's ridiculously easy...and so yummy:)
pancakes, fresh strawberries and blueberries, bacon OH MY:)
Gummie bears and licorice (I'd like the record to state that I didn't have to use spell-check for Licorice - that's a tricky-ass word!!! #proud;) for dessert:)

opening presents was a group effort;)

THE cutest, most hilariously accurate book about farts. Great for all ages: Toot

i don't know how he didn't barf from all that sweetness cause I almost lost it watching him inhale that thing!

a quick;) - 5/6minute - video of Rocky's 1st year:):)

Monday, November 14, 2016

the future's so bright, I gotta wear shades.

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first. Can you believe that these 2 clowns will be in the same class...the year 2020, they'll be starting kindergarten together. 

side note: there's going to be a 2020. two-thousand-TWENTY. What the?!??! That's kinda blowing my mind right now...

also. To take this to a grab me a paper bag cause I'm fucking hyperventilating level of disgust: they'll be walking the stage to graduate high school together. Class of 2033.

what a waste, I just puked up all my coffee. Putting on my sunglasses to finish the rest of the post;')

monday is just a mindset, my friends! Let's have a good one:)