Thursday, June 22, 2017

lost count of 52

post by Courtney

lots of life happening around here since school let out. this summer we're trying to get a better routine down. so far, not too bad. we're working on it. but my camera use has been slacking. jumping back on the train. so here's weeks 22 through 24... I think ;)

a portrait of my children, once a week(ish), every week(ish), in 2017
their help is the only way I get a shower some days 
(every third or fourth day if you talk to my know who you are) ;)

come fall, we'll have two in high school. not processing that until I neeeeeed to :(

she's been helping out a lot more with the littles. and I'm not complaining.

excited. gassy. nervous. really, all the same face with this child.

pure joy on that face. gosh, I love that smile.

those chiclet teeth (see:Dennis the Menace) just make that excited smile all kinds of wonderful.

photo speaks for itself


all of my babies have crawled before they sat. 
this dude is following right along like the rest of his siblings. 
(started sitting over 3wks ago at about 7-1/2 months) 
he's still the happiest little dude. he has been messing with our nap time lately :( 
I think he's cutting three teeth at once. poor dude. but he's handling it like a champ!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

the man behind my obsession with babies.

post by casey.

i'm gonna have to dig a little deep here because we started the night with an argument about a wheelbarrow...yeahhhhh.;)

what can I say about Jacob!? 

well, I'll start by thanking MY dad!:) If not for his example, how would I have ever chosen such a good partner in life and love and babies, as Jacob:).

for example: Jacob had to work today, Father's Day. He made lunch for everyone before he left and took Homer with him! He's home now, cooking steaks for supper and agreed that I could go to bed - I was only 1/2ish kidding when I suggested that and it isssss only 622PM;)
He's a good, generous, selfless, kind, loving, hilarious/goofy and thoughtful man.  

i've loved Jacob for a very long time. I loved him as a friend when we were in High School  and then one day while we were playing Grand Theft Auto;), I realized I loved him as more. I loved Jacob even when we were both messy people and we weren't together and I didn't think there was a chance in hell he'd ever love me back again. 
I loved him before marriage, before we even knew if we wanted kids. I even loved him during his water-shoes phase - that may not have been a phase!!;)  
I've never not loved Jacob and I've always been confident that I love Jacob more than anyone else ever could. 
But now seeing the way our babies look at him...finally someone whose love for him could rival mine:) 

we've created a very happy life together. It hasn't taken much money or a nice car or a fixed up house. The longer we live this together, the less I need or even want. Jacob will always be the best thing that's ever happened to me and he is at the center of everything we love.

happy father's day, my heart. You'll always be the best decision I made for me and them:)
we love you. we love you. we love you. 

dad and homer

dad and theo

dad and rocky