Saturday, May 20, 2017

forever34. spring MOA.

post by casey.

we grace the Mall Of America with our faces and nursing babies and lack-of-financial-self-control twice a year:) Once in the Spring with just my sisters and mom and once again in the Fall with a group of ladies that have been in on this tradition for years and years!:)

you can see a few of our past trips HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE - these are all 2010 through 2012!!!.

not only do the majority of us love fashion and make-up and baby clothes and Cinnabons and shoes and good deals and all.the.things. BUT my most favorite parts are just being together!:) We, normally, stay at a hotel for one night and we lounge by the pool or order in food and do a show & tell after a full day of shopping and it's just fun! Not to mention the road-trip over and stop at IKEA:)

we've celebrated birthdays there. We've nursed babies in all the places there! We've dragged along newborns and unsuspecting husbands - we don't do that anymore, the husband part;). We've left diaper bags on benches, that ended up being called in as a potential bomb - that kinda sucked;). We've overspent and veryyyyy rarely underspent;)

when you don't like anything in the store BUT the decor:)

coy-boy is still on the boob, so he got to hang this year:)

13WK baby bump:)

babies are on to onesies for the WIN!!!

we took this trip in mid-April and will be headed back in mid/late-November! Which meanssssss I'll have a newborn babe attached to me for the next trip! Can't waitttttttt!!!!:) - also, let the saving and can collecting start...NOW!:)

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