Tuesday, May 30, 2017

the makings of the 'perfect' bump photo.

post by casey.

both Jacob AND Homer do a pretty amazing job at helping to capture quick photos that I need, especially, in the rare case that I feel it necessary to be IN the photo! 
Jacob's found that just clicking is the approach to take: start clicking before being asked and don't stop until I'm able to grab the phone away from him;). It works:)

i'm 20WKS PREGNANT, today!!! Half-freaking-way!! Like I said in my earlier baby update post - HERE - there have been some slight hurdles and so only over the course of the last few weeks, have we been able to really start to relax and enjoy and be truly excited! I haven't been feeling great over the past few days and I plan to get an official photo from Courts this week - I have a baby appt. on Thursday. So I'll update you and go on and on a bit more about where I'm at mentally andddddd physicallyyyyyy in a couple days!

but in the mean-time...wanted to leave you with these photos that Jacob took of me at the game we went to the other day - SO.FUN...more to come on that as well!
He just captured so perfectly exactly what it is to have him help me with photos! Oh, man. Real Life here, folks;).

- lets go over here...

- wait...let me take my sun glasses off...

- try another one with my arm down over (what feels like, to me) my large thigh...

- smile without teeth...

- smile with teeth...

yeahhhhhh, it's that annoying;). I'm so appreciative that Jacob humors me:).


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