Wednesday, May 3, 2017

sixteen weeks.

post by casey.

oh my gosh you guys, I'm pretty much the most excited to be back at this again:) I've said it a million 3 times before;) and maybeeeeee I'll drug Jacob get to do it again someday;)...but this is just fun and I love it and it's not just the's the trying and the test and that POSITIVE and that anticipation and the pregnancy and the appointments and all that weighttttt fooooddddd!!!! and then the birth and then that BABY!!!!:)

don't get me wrong...I sometimes get a little mad at myself for my lack of self-control in the weight-gain department. And I've started to have some slight back issues with the last 2 pregnancies (Rocky's and now it seems this one as well, but it's short lived, thankfully!). And you get tired and you get a bit feisty/HANGRY at times and there are just not-so-magical days. And I get a little nervous about the lack of sleep to come. Sure. Yes. That happens. Overall though...OH MY GOSH YOU GUYSSSSSSSS. I love it!!!!!!!!!

why haven't we been twinning for the last 3YRS?! What was I thinkingggggg!!!!???

i don't know that I'll do much of the I used to - see example here. Like listing specifics and being completely obnoxious;) or anything. I'll just mention things as they come up. 

we're right on track for our usual 55lb+ weight-gain - one of the few times in my life I've been an overachiever. I'm feeling great. After our Zika testing - long story, as short as possible - we were tested twice cause Hey, Let's go to Mexico...where there's ZIKA...while we're pregnant:/. I don't know why we didn't think of this:( Both tests came back negative (one at 6WKS and the next at about 12WKS). I was about 14WKS before we got all the negative results back...and I have to tell you...stressed was a complete understatement. Like 'stressed' how you call your sister at work...and you're crying so hard cause you just can't stand waiting any longer to hear if your baby is okay and you forget to lead with your name...just sobs into the phone. Luckily, she doesn't have a long list of people in her life that feel comfortable calling her, bawling, at work and somewhere in that mess she deciphered the word Zika and figured it out;)  

since the miscarriage, those first 10WKS are stressful kinda try to not think about the baby. Not talk about the baby. Just put it out of your mind...JUST IN CASE. There's this disconnect. And then having to worry about the health of the baby for all those weeks...I was so ready to just be happy and excited and I just wanted to have those results and move forward. Not to mention, Jacob was feeling completely helpless but was, as always, insanely supportive:)

we have our negative results and I'm feeling assured that things are going to be okay. We also have our 'big' U/S in 3WKS and I'm anxious to get in there and seeeeeeee a healthy baby:)

we're finally feeling excited and happy and so happy about this baby:)

it needs to be noted that I have gotten my leg stuck in those holes one too many times, while putting them on...then stretching/ripping the holes even more...and they're now stretched to the point where...there's more leg showing than actual denim. Are they capris...are they shorts...are they convertible capris....Damn it!!!!

i'll add that I thinkkkkk it's a GIRL! Like...I hate to say it out loud - cause you ALL know my track record...I'm 0 for 3 at this point;). But Like for realllllll, I know it's a girl this time! 

i mean...maybe;)

also...I'll add some moreeee 'proof'
I felt like it was a girl the minute I peed on that stick. And then we found that ring on the beach - see story HERE. And I didn't add in that post that I had shared with the woman, who's ring we found, that we found out we were expecting on the way down to Tulum and that I thought it might be a girl! And if you read my post, you'll have read that the ring we found, that meant so much to her, was a gift she had received from her husband on her first Mother's Day after having their daughter:) The only baby they would have:) So me and that woman, who's ring I found on the beach...we both totallyyyyyy think it's a girl;) Jacob's playing video games. The end;)

thanks for following along! 

thanks for the photos, Courts!!!!:) Don't I look like I showered in these photos?!?!? I'm telling you...she's magic behind the camera...cause I'm for sure, daysssss unshowered;) - not sure why I'm givin' you the wink there cause it's just the truth...I wish I could give you the 'eeekkk/teeth' emoji in so many places in so many of my blog posts!!!;) Jacob even tried to 'talk' to me about showering. There's an emoji for that as well: 'middle finger';).

i'll report back in a few pounds weeks!!!!:)

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  1. plain and simple: I love everything about this post. now, let's go get Starbucks and add to that weight gain ;)