Sunday, February 28, 2016

a day on the {frozen} lake.

yesterday was one of those days that was prettyyyyyyy neat from start to finish! I did have to make about a bajillion calls and pull out my best stuff in order to get things arranged the way I hoped - everyone else seemed to have other plans (Courts was gonna spend all day cleaning and mom and dad were already headed in another direction). BUT I got um'. I WORE UM' DOWN!!!!;)

and so we started by visiting our grandpa and having lunch with him:) Then we headed to Eau Pleine to walk around for a bit! I was glad I thought ahead and put rubber boots on - as well as the kids - because they were great for puddle jumping on the lake!:)

it was just one of those afternoons that felt so so relaxing. We walked around. The breeze actually felt warm at one point. Baby strapped to my chest. Kids running ahead of us. Snowball fights that didn't end with tears - these kids have it so easy these days (or dad's become a softie;) cause that's not how that shit would have ended in my day;). Beer in hand. Sun shining. It was

it was 50 degrees in WI yesterday. Today is down to 37 but Jacob's home all day and the kids are currently playing and coffee is going and so I'm hoping we have ourselves a real nice Sunday:)

21 days till Spring, friends:)

- casey

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