Thursday, March 3, 2016

grocery shopping is/for dummies.

you know what's delusional funny?! Thinking it'll be fun to take all the kids and a husband grocery shopping;)

so far, I'm a lost cause in the kitchen. I'm starting to familiarize myself with the crock-pot. Occasionally, I'll throw on the adorable - completely unnecessary - apron I was gifted (probably as a joke, knowing that I don't cook - thanks, Carrie;) at my bachelorette party and then toss in some chicken/lime/??/rice concoction. 

i'm sort of a lost cause in those steps leading up to cooking, as well.

think about cooking. 
don't cook. 
too late too cook - apparently, the crock-pot takes HOURS!??!. 
wait for Jacob to come home and save the day.

i make a pretty long list of things we 'need' or are out of. None of which actually make a meal. And then I go to the grocery store and come home hours later with an excessive amount of peanut butter and several more cans of black olives to add to the abundance of black olives we already have at home. 
Andddd completely exhausted.

tonight Jacob came along to supervise:) I think we did okay. We're gonna stay married;) I didn't get my ice-cream and Jacob converted me from Brown Sugar Poptarts to Toaster Strudels. So I'd say it was a win-win-WIN for him:)

here's to hoping - cause I'm a crazy dreamer - that I wake up before the kids tomorrow to get my smoothie made and someeeeething in the crock-pot;)

and now we need 3 carts!!!

the only casualty - after hounding Homer constantly not to hit anyone in the ankles with his cart - was me hitting Homer in the ankles with my freaking cart. And you would have thought I ran him completely over...the kids gonna get an A in drama;)

this was Wednesday. It is now Thursday and here's the recap:

- we got home only to realize we'd forgotten 2 gallons of milk beneath the cart!:/

- our dog ate my loaf of bread while I was gone this afternoon - ANGRY FACE!!!!!

- Jacob never grabbed toaster strudels. 

- i did notttt wake up before the kids this morning;)

- i DID prep smoothies for the next few I'm all set for a few meals and chicken is currently in the crock-pot for tomorrow. BOOM.

- casey


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