Wednesday, February 24, 2016

33rd Birthday Wishes.

so I want all the things. The end;)

i'll be 33 in 28 days. That's not really blowing my mind at all. 33 sounds like a total snooze-fest. Like telling someone you're 33 feels like such an annoying thing to have to do. 
Hi. I'm Casey and I'm the most boring age that there is to be.
I'm TOTALLY going to forget I'm 33 the entire time I'm 33 and then Jacob's going to blow my mind with that information when I turn 34, and he'll have to console me because I'll feel like I've lost an entire year of my life;)

again...the wanting of all the's a quick Birthday Wish List. 
- just thought of something that Jacob can add to that 'list of things I'm good at' that he's supposed to be putting together for me...for real, I asked him to do that and I haven't heard back about it in at least a year;)...
Making Lists Of Material Things I Want Like A Total Asshole

don't get me wrong...I want there to be more trees and kindness and better health-care/insurance and a few more date days in the year with my husband and family vacations with the kids...

but in the meantime. A funny book and a candle. :)

book $6.99 . phone case $12.99 . candle $18

sharkT $25.60 . cute&psycho $34.90 . watch $189

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