Thursday, February 18, 2016

$2.70. coffee mornin make-over.

it's a lot bit scary how much this $2 tube of chunky lip pencil can make me feel so fannnncy!!!:) - found at the local Dollar Store!!:) For instance: I'm not wearing make-up, those eye bagssss:/, baby vomit on the shoulder...but this red lip almost makes me think that leaving the house in my 'condition' is acceptable. Causeeeeeee LOOK AT NOTHING BUT MY LIPS, worlddddddd!!!!;):):) 

anddddd there's my small/thin top lip. I thought that meant I could just never do red lips. BUT I think more than what size lips you's more about NOT GIVING A SHIT. Just wear the red lips if you wanna wear the red lips;)

good eye bags are bigger than my upper lip!!!! LOL;)

so this morning, over coffee and panacakes - served up hot by, Courts...thanks, bitch;) - we put on red lips and dyed our hair blue, with Kool-aid:)

moral of this coffee mornin: if red lips and blue hair make you feel pretty. Good. Better than good. Fabulous:)

- casey