Thursday, February 11, 2016

made with love. and sparkle tape.

a little late in the game as most of you have probably sent Valentines to school with your kiddos, but this was our process in Drew's Valentines :)

I try to keep it simple with the little ones' projects. and as little clean up for me. ;) watercolor painting has been their favorite lately so it seemed obvious to use this for her Valentines. I simply drew a heart in a marker (gold, per Drew's request) ;) and the girls painted over them. easy.peasy.

all my girls love to write so when the "cards" were all dry, she wrote her name on each of them. probably the cutest thing ever.

instead of candy, I convinced her she wanted to give tiny erasers. and on second thought after fishing aboutttt 5 of these out of Will's mouth in the last couple weeks, this may not have been the wisest choice for her treat. we'll get it right one of these times! so we got ourselves some pretty, sparkly tape and taped those buggers right on there :)

Casey and I had sort of similar ideas for the kids' cards. not surprising. but I feel as though Drew may have pulled hers off a little better. I suggested to Casey maybe to use paper without lines next time. and it makes a huge difference when the little ones write their own name, probably makes the cards! Homer is a bit younger so I'll be expecting some pure awesomeness with next years cards :)

sooooo I'm here to keep it reallllll. yo. Casey, here:)

i'll admit a few things here.

1. this project was above all else...a distraction. Have I mentioned how I'm obsessed slightly into, Felicity?!?!? SLIGHTLY;) I kid...mostly:) 

in case you thought I was trying to pull off that "she's a SAHM and has all the time in the worldddddd to hover over Pinterest and sit down and 'help' the kids with the most adorably-perfect Valentine's EVAAAAA"....even I have enough sense to admit that that's not what these are screaming;)

2. after Courts sent a photo of what her and Rowdy were working on (which was completely random that we were both working on something so similar!) - while she cared for 7 other she still breastfeeding one???;)...making supper and organizing a corner of some part of the house and helping one with homework and bringing Dave a beer and just being calm and collected in all ways of life - I started to doubt whether Homer would be accepted into the Gifted and Talented Program...which Courtney informed me, she was a part of. Hmmm. 

3. i found a little book of those pro Valentine's, way back in the closet. Some Star Wars ones, even!! And I almostttttt turned into that mom. I almostttttt redid them all that morning before school. 

luckily, I came to my senses. Homer's are perfect! He can't write his name quite yet...we did manage to get a few letters on some, in case that isn't obvious;) And that additional crinkle has an adorable story behind it...of Theo grabbing hold of the entire pile and bolting and us then having to hold her down to pry them out of her irrational/screaming paws!!!! Good times;)

rowdy and Homer did such a great job and seriously...homemade or're doin' good mama:)

now...back to what Court's was saying;)...

she snuck some candies before I could feed her after school, but she thoroughly enjoyed all her goodies... and even shared!

wishing you all a happy valentines day!


  1. When Lynn was little she would color on everything and I was the mom that let her. Sent in bills with brightly colored shapes and so called letters all over it. I'm sure I made some administrative staff smile a bit when they opened them. So now we are at John's 5 year class reunion and they are giving the awards and they said they had a new one, it was the Picasso Award........ I wanted to hide under the table (John had no clue). Yep they framed the response letter with Lynn's handy artwork on it.....and John had to walk up in front of everyone to claim it. a bit embarrassing because at a 5 year reunion most of them didn't have any kids let alone one old enough to color and we already had two...... Ooops Keep it real girls and keep them kids creative.

    1. Oh my gosh, Connie! That award is fantastic!!:) And besides my walls - which the kids have already gotten 'artistic' on;) - I'm down with them expressing themselves anyway they'd like!!!:) SO adorable of Lynn and I would love to get mail to brighten my day like that!!!:)