Friday, February 19, 2016

work/nap/date night.

2 weeks ago we finallyyyyyy implemented one of those brilliant #coffeemornin ideas. One of those: we should do this and this and THIS and THISSSSSSS. And we're all jacked up on coffee and the world seems endless with possibilities!!!!!!!! 
YAY, we've got this! Let's DO IT. I'm going to do everything better! I'm gonna raise my kids sooooo hard and goooooddddd! And why don't we start a Whole30 and never use the TV/iPad as distractions for the kids and make those fucking leather/beaded/amazing bracelets and all natural/organic/essential oil mosquito repellent and cleaner and face stuff and lip balm and ALL THE DIY THINGSSSSSS!!!!
You're the best...NO, you'reeeee the best!!! 

and thennnnnn I go home and put the kids down for a nap and stare at a wall for 3.25 hours. 

for real.

SO one of our 'real' ideas was to have a Work Night. Every Friday would be Work Night for the Smith's. First Friday: me and Jacob. Next Friday: Court and Dave. And so forth...until all of the things are done;)

and what you do with your Work your deal. Clean the fridge? I thought something smelled funky;) Nap? Good for you! Mow the lawn and go for a walk!? Excellent! Date Night and blow $400 of your tax returns!? I'm not judging!!!:) 

we started with: cleaning our basement.

this mess has been a mess since we moved in 3-1/2 years ago. Ew. We moved in and just brought everything to the basement and it really hasn't moved since. Which goes to show that we have WAY too much shit that we for sure don't need. Ew.

we're not entirely done. Obviously. I'm pretty sure you're going to have a semi-difficult time telling the difference between the Before and After's. BUT believe me...shit has been improved and Jacob's currently down there, as I type, continuing to work away at it!!! YAY:)

i'm hoping that each Friday, from here on out...we'll be uploading a post of what our Work Night looked like. So here we go:)




all those clothes will be gone soon. I'll be having a sale this Spring to try to get rid of what's left:) Or you can check out some things currently in my online store, Shopfairhaven: Facebook and Instagram


like I's's brewing and he's still going strong:) I'm sure we can all relate, when you're in the thick of it, it's hard to stop and I have a feeling this kid will be working into the wee hours of the morning...that's just what he does. And believe me, I'll allow it;) SO check back for updated photos...I'll post what I have and try to get some more AFTER's up tomorrow morning!

jacob's little touches don't go unnoticed:) He hung coat-hooks for some of my most special dresses and jackets:)

and things that I really have no use for but have collected and can't part with:

whyyyyyyy???? Why ALL the boxes?!

baby carriage:)

huge, old lamps and mirrors and frames.

so there you have it! 2 Friday nights. A combined 10 hours of work!!! But believe me...that's not all that got done in that amount of time. Jacob always works exclusively on the 'project'/Basement and I usually clean the entire house as well. Rearrange some rooms. Organize some things. Nurse. Eat. Blog;)
This has really become something we look forward to and we have a growing list of 'projects' we'd like to tackle! And even just having the 2 older kiddos out of the house for a few hours has allowed us to have some great conversation and just catch-up...make plans...blah blah:)

maybe the more interesting blog post would be us wrangling 11 kids on Court and Dave's Work Night!?;)


  1. 11 kids hahaha I am waiting for that post! I'm thinking d and c are getting a better deal here ;-)

  2. Hahaha. It was exactly the same here. Moved in February 2011 and just.put the stuff from our flat's basement into our house's.
    Then a year later we shipped the kids off to hubby's aunt (just down the street. Sort of) and started getting it cleaned out.
    Half a day later hubby started complaining that I stopped doing shit. Yeah well all the boxes left have your name on it. I clean that up for you by just throwing it in the trash...? 😂