Tuesday, February 2, 2016

so, I did not have an ovary removed from my uterus.

i may have goofed and told a girlfriend that I was having an ovary removed from my uterus. Wrong. 

this morning, I had a cyst removed from my left ovary. The put you under, stick a breathing apparatus down your throat and make 4 incisions in your abdomen kinda surgery.

surgery is so weird. This was my first experience with this type of thing and on those few occasions that I wanted to cry from fear, I reminded myself that my 3-1/2yr old has done something similar...twice:/

by the time It took Jacob to leave the room and the nurse to wheel me around the corner...I was feeling all sorts of special! A speciallll special little kite;) And then I was being told everything would be okay and to breath deeply and boom...I was waking up in recovery! I never even remember drifting off. Nada. Not too bad;)

so this post could be all: yada, yada...I had surgery. Everything was good. Thank Jesus. 

but shit just isn't that boring around these parts...at least I don't allow it to be;)

keeping in mind that you can't 'un-read' things or pluck them back out of your head...or stop yourself from visualizing things because I'm explaining them in a way that doesn't allow you NOT to wonder;)...this is your 'heads up'.


- jacob informed me, right before I was to roll into surgery - aka. be sliced/lasered?? open - that while in the waiting room, a pretty girl had taken a liking to him and Rocky (can't blame her;). Her name was, Stormy. Stoooorrrrmyyy.

Just one more time: STORMY.
not that there's anything wrong with that. Seinfeld! Anyone?!;)

my husband isn't the type to know better than to make a joke about your future girlfriend - girlfriend because Jacob also informed me that being married once...to me...was MORE than enough and he'd NEVER do thattttt again...this conversation 10min before having a a laser cut into me! - who's name is STORMY, raising my children because I don't make it out alive from the removal of a damn cyst - that we later found out did NOT have teeth...yeah, we're the type to be bummed about that and Jacob asked if he could still take it home. Good grief.

where was I?! 
Oh yeah...Stormy's livin' in MY house, raising MY children!!!;)

*jacob later informed me that he never even spoke to Stormy, only heard her name when they called her to the front desk. Idiot;)

- the good thing about having a 'baby vagina', as Courts calls it...
Let me explain;)

once, back in those shady drinkin' days...I may have - DID - showed Courts my lady bits, in the bathroom of a bar that's cool with lady bits being out for purposes other than urinating;) The reason was to compare 'hair styles'.
I'll add that I, for the 2nd* time in my life - in a big way - was told WE would do something, I went first and no one followed. Hmmm.

*1st being that time I was 17..in London..smoking clove cigarettes..staying in hostels (before you feared being murdered;). The drinking age was 18 and I was traveling with all 18yr olds (before you feared being murdered:/) and getting a tattoo on the top of my foot..on day 2 of our 12 day trip, seemed So.fucking.cool. 7 of us went in to get tattoos..I went first. 1 of us came out with a tattoo. Me:) I still love that tattoo.
Side Note: to all you underagers reading...best way to break it to your parents that you got your 1st tattoo..while underage - cause the owner of the shop 'believed' you when you told him you were 18 (back when there was TRUST;) - is while in a different country. 

okay...there's a point in there.
I didn't have to be 'prepped' for surgery. They came in, took a look and said: "ohhh...we're good!"

so there's that:)

so this is definitely, normally, something I would have talked and talkeddddd and talked about in the days prior but such is life. I have a couple kiddos at home and coffee mornings to be had and yada, yada, yada;) So I didn't really remember to fill anyone in. BUT here ya go...the play by play:)

but thank you to the Clinic. Good gosh. They made it almost enjoyable!!!;) Eric was a nurse that helped and also has a daughter with the middle name, Daisy! As you can probably imagine...receiving this information, as well as knowing my husband was in the waiting room with Stormy...I figured it was just my time. Jesus was all: you can go now, we got this;)

so they were fantastic. They found a freezer for my milk for Rocky. They went above and beyond to accommodate me nursing and pumping before and after the surgery. And I had a familiar face by my side, telling me how good I was doing and that it was all gonna be okay - thank you, thank you, Jen:). 
and the nurses who helped me get dressed and didn't even flinch when I told them I was going to pass on wearing a bra home...even when we all knew how frightening that was;)

my mom watched the older 2 kiddos for the whole day. SO helpful, although, Theo rushed home to meet her cuddling quota;)

courts made us dinner, pizza and brownies:) And now I'll never be able to eat a strawberry without thinking of an ovary. Thanks?! - see below.

and Jacob. Jacob is Jacob. I couldn't ask for a better, better half:) He is always one step ahead of what I need...which is why I can chuckle at the fact that he's been passed out on the couch since 845PM because, apparently, me having surgery is exhausting;)

absolutely NOT trying to show off the lady bits in these photos...justtttt the surgical site(s) andddd the sauce I spilled on my shirt from my Chicken Sandwich...andddd apparently, my nipples because I hadn't put my bra back on at this point;)

so what I'd love for you to take away from this post is mainly, the news that there's someone living out there with the name Stormy. 

totally kidding. Kinda?!

and now we cuddle and blog post and eat brownies with a side of Extra Strength Tylenol;)

goodnight, Friends:)


  1. Hugs! The last time I went under was when kait came out I screamed and cried big ol' "don't cut me open! Please! I don't want this!" Blubbering hot mess.... you are stronger than I although a smidgen more prepared to be sliced open. It's obvious you are stronger (ok so maybe that's not the right word) I've never showed either of my sister's my lady parts. I'm sure in a few years after a dr. Has read your blogs they are going to want to cracked your noggin open and study it. Love your guys blog updates.

    1. 😂😂So so true! Jacobs oils agree with my head being examined;) Ah, it was scary and I can't imagine having no time at all to mentally prepare for that! It's overwhelming!!!:/ Hopefully all a distant memory for both of us now!!!:):) - Casey

  2. for the record, I *highly* doubt I asked to see your lady bits ;)

    1. HA!!! I can't argue that but I can read your mind...so I assume it was throwing out signals;)

  3. You make me laugh soo hard! And so does Jacob! Lol! Love you!!!

  4. So glad all went well,but scarey for you.You'll be back in your bikini in time for summer! You really should consider writing as a profession,seriously great Casey style.

    1. Thank you, Vicki!!!:):) HA about the bikini but it is good timing, I would have hated being down and out in the summer!:)
      And thank you, writing would be amazing and that means a lot coming from you!!!:) xoxo - Casey

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