Monday, February 1, 2016

casey m. smith

hi, I'm Casey. The other 1/2 of this blog collaboration. Courtney, the older one...with all the kids...and her old love and old baby making parts...that's my sister:)
I'm the younger - by 19 months - tighter, more in love version of this Smith+Zimmerman Combo;)

oh yeah, we're sister's married to brothers. So that makes things wayyyyyy fun;)

no, you didn't ask, but I'm gonna tell you a bit about myself anyways;)

jacob and I have been married for 5 years in September. Like Courts, I found myself a Smith;) 
One day, abouttttt 13 years ago?!...I said to Courts: "I thinkkkkk, I knowwww, I like Jacob?!" I lived with Courts and Dave for a short time after High School and spent a ton of time there playing, or watching Jacob play, Grand Theft Auto:) Definitely spells romance;)
I won't open the ginormous can of worms that is the list of reasons why I love Jacob. I will say that I love Jacob and he loves me right back, in a way I always dreamed of. I never don't love Jacob. There are times I want to punch Jacob in the head but before/during and after that punch...I'd be loving him;)
The past 13 years of Jacob and Casey hasn't been all good. The past 7 years, though...the ones we've spent together and with our shit together, have been the happiest of my life:) 
I make me happy but Jacob makes me happier. 
Not loving Jacob, is not a possibility. He's my best friend and we're annoying and in love and I'm so okay with that;)

i love watermelon and all the rest of the foods that there ever were or will be and traveling and road trips and all-nighters with Jacob and bonfires and walks and the sunrise and the sunset and lazy Sunday's with us all home!

i love hugs and holding hands and getting lost and making people laugh and hanging another memory on our walls and dancing with the kids and dancing with my husband and listening to good music and lighting candles:)

i like taking Art Class and Water Aerobics and Yoga and buying $50 treadmills off Craig's List, regardless of the facts that I'm neither gifted in arts, physically fit or athletic.

i have a tattoo I hate (I hate the word when I say hate...that's a pretty big deal - this from the girl who's fav word is the Fword;). I'm actually in the process of having it removed. ARGGGGGGGGGG - long story. I'm sure I'll document that now that I'm putting it out there. 
I will say that I'd rather birth 5 more babies - wait, I like;). I'd rather spend 10 minutes PER DAY at the dentist having them blow that air gun on my teeth than have a tattoo removed. It.don't.feel.good:/

i love and will continue getting tattoos.

my fav word is the Fworddd...or any variation of the word. Sorryyyyyyy, I have a legit potty mouth:/ I don't know when this came about or why but it's seriously become a part of who I am. When happy, sad, excited, scared, stressed, birthing;), running on the treadmill, running late, burning making mac& get the idea;)
My dad has said in the past: "Butch, when did it become okay for you to talk that way?" He says this with a smirk on his face cause he doesn't approve but he loves me too hard to get after me;)

let's see here...what else...I'll dig a little deeper.

i used to drink too much. Ew. My apologies to those who had to deal with me after dark on the weekends...or during the day on a Tuesday, who are we kidding;) from 2002 to abouttttt 2006?

i ran a mile for the first time, since High School, in 2013...and not since. I'm working on that with the help of my new-to-me $50 treadmill;)

i love the color black. I wear some variation of it almost every day. I'm currently contemplating getting rid of 3/4 of my wardrobe. I mean...I seriously don't wear any of it. And IF I do're all invited to come dig through my give-aways! For reals.

i love being pregnant. I love that moment you think you might be pregnant and the moment you realize you are! - I'm crying:) 
And I love the anticipation of the baby's arrival and wondering what the birth will be like! - Still crying:')
And picking out a name and looking pregnant and gaining the most.weight.ever and having heartburn so soooo bad but continuing to eat SO.MUCH.SHIT cause waking up puking in my mouth is TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!;)
And when the baby is here. When you see whether it's a girl or boy - cause it just don't matter one little bit - and you hold them and nurse them and spend 3 amazing/sleepless days in the hotel hospital and your husband stays with you, cause that's our thing and he holds your babies and - CRYING - your heart is like...your entire everything:):)

i cry a lot.

i want more babies - I won't include my husband's opinion on this because this post is ALL ABOUT ME;). I want more babies. I don't know how many more we'll have. Maybe just one...maybe 3? What I do know is that Rocky is perfect. And he's the lucky little brother of 2 amazing/exhausting/confused/irrational/brilliant toddlers, Homer (3-1/2 brother) and Theo (1-1/2 sister). But we're not complete. I know there's more to come for our family.

so this is the 'blog post' version of me. If you continue to follow, you're going to find out a heck of a lot more, probably more than you'd ever care to know:) I'm an open book. If there's anything about me or my family, personal/daily life, the kids or food or my toes or closet or yard that you're curious about, please feel free to email/comment and I'll for sure get you ALL the info.:)

bottom line: I love my husband, my babies, our family and our life here. It really is that simple:) 

and because I ask ridiculous things of them constantly: 3 words that Mom & Dad, sisters: Courtney, Pigg & Mal and Jacob, would use to describe me...which turned into a prettyyyy amazing mass text, try it some time;)
Here's what we got:

Pain-in-the-Ass, Unique, Optimistic

Funny, Pretty, Shopaholic

Witty, Genuine, Hot-Mess

Compassionate, Gregarious*, Helpful
- and because he can't help himself;) 
Honest, Intelligent, Powerful, Romantic, Sympathetic, Warm-hearted
- I'm adding Sexy for him because I believe that was an honest oversight;)

this is about the point where Pigg and Mal were gagging and wanted to be excluded from the mass text;)

Entertaining, Imaginative, Tall

adjective (of a person) fond of company; sociable.
"he was a popular and gregarious man"
  1. synonyms:sociable, company-loving, convivialcompanionableoutgoingfriendly,affableamiablegenialwarm, comradely;
    "he was fun-loving and gregarious"
i'm not at all embarrassed that I had to google the definition for Gregarious;)

*if there's anything troubling about this post, it's because Bon Jovi - Have A Nice Day was playing in the background at one point and that had me completely distracted in the most awful way:/*

"I'm a big believer in accepting yourself and not really worrying about it." 
- Jennifer Lawrence


  1. I just love this!! Both you girls are amazing!!

  2. absolutely LOVE this! you'll be the cussing, open book. and I'll be the quiet, locked tight vault. we're the perfect balance ;)

    1. I love our balance almost as much as you love Jesus;):) xoxo - Casey

  3. You are so lovable in your writing! So honest and honestly YOU.

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