Monday, February 15, 2016

theo daisy: 22 months and rocky peyton: 3 months

oops. Theo's a wee bit closer to 23 months than 22...but here we are. Catching-up:)

i'm going to combine this one - did you catch that with the clever blog post title??;) - Theo and Rocky. Homer's old now. Old news. Old;) Theo and Rocky are still my little babies:)

homer helped Theo put her shoes on this morning. On the wrong feet, sure;) But I have a kid, old enough to 'help' my other kid...get ready!? Sorry Courts, just puked on your island a little bit;)

theo is 22 months. She's starting to pronounce her words a bit more. 

peace out, mama.

thank you, mama.

good grief. Nothing freaking cuter:)

she's still crazy in her own right. A lot less banging of the head against hardwood floors;) BUT still her fair share of 'fits'. She's holding her own now-a-days. Physically fighting night and day. Against other babies. Her older brother. I definitely feel like she could be a wrestler and after seeing the cutest little girl on Facebook, wrestling, I can now seeeeeee Theo doing that! Gosh, it's fun to imagine what they'll be doing in just a few short years!

and then there's ROCKY P!!!!:) Have I mentioned that 3 is fabulous!? And that's all thanks to Rocky Peyton:) He's the best little boy and gosh dang it, we're just so fucking lucky to have him:):)

oh and he mainly just chills and be's - that's a word?!!! - awesome. ANDDDD clicks his tongue and smiles and talksssssss and talksssssss and sleeps pretty well at night and rolls onto his side but not completely over. He's not an over-achiever like that...just my style;)

love these growing little babes so hard:)

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  1. 5:41am.... :-/
    It's crazy how fast they grow up. And the whole having kids old enough to help thing = freaking awesome. I'm pretty sure I can count on one hand how many times I've had to get zazas snow stuff off this winter. :-D my favorite is when I ask Josiah to go get his day clothes he almost always gets zazas clothes too and 75% of the time they coordinate. Bahhh!!!! Fingers (this was my spell check messing with f ing) old kids!!!

    Ps theo's saying = cute
    Zaza says "ok fiiiiinnnne mom" = dude mama's going to blow a gasket if I hear that ONE MORE TIME.