Friday, February 26, 2016

work/nap/date night.

week 4 of the Work Nights. Tonight we have kids. 9 total. Kids. 

why does it feel like we've been doing this for all of eternity? Did Court and Dave ever pick the kids up last time or...!??!;)

9PM - the agreed upon time to wrap-up Work/Nap/Date Night - is coming a little slower than last week;) We are down a few children...the older, most helpful ones!!! BUT totally worth it because Jacob and I already hope to use our next Work Night for a meeting of the minds at Buffalo Wild Wings;)

and a dinosaur movie to get us through the home-stretch. Boom.

a little video of our night, below:)

- casey


  1. You're the best sistah evah 👌🏻

  2. You are one brave sister! Love this.

  3. complete chaos, but whoever has the kids might be getting the better end of the deal. better memories ;)