Thursday, March 31, 2016

hoppy Easter.

post by Casey

oh, Easter:)

basically, there's a cute baby and bunny ears from the dollar section at Target.


easter usedddddd to be a dreaded holiday for me. All that finding of the basket and my case: all the NOT finding of the basket and eggs and then all the tears;')

each year that passes looks better and better for me and Easter;)

i definitely couldn't tell you where any of the kids were during our Easter Bathroom Selfies;)

as all our holidays are...

family. all the food. wine. andddd bacon tuxedo shirts.

and now we anxiously await those warmer temps! These rainy, 32 degree days are dragging my spirit down the shitter.

*side note: I apologize for the lack of Jesus in this post. My understanding of Easter is, embarrassingly, at a Little Golden Book level. BUT don't get me wrong, I appreciate that aspect completely. I'll leave those posts up to Courts:)

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