Monday, April 4, 2016

where we be at.

post by casey.

if you're following our sometimes boring (hi, photos of Easter?!;), obvious (Courts is pregnant...again...didn't see that coming;), repetitive (me dressed all in black - unshowered - yoga pants - dayyyyy after dayyyyy...#momfashionfail)....

thank you:)

thanks for following and thanks for commenting and liking and keeping in touch!

because I didn't want to waste these adorable photos of some of the best - toddler - hair there ever was...gonna share them while giving you the updated down-low on where you can follow us (me, Casey and sister, Courts) for all those quicker snippets, snaps and updates of our daily lives:):)

we're HERE:



Court - dwcasmith72
Casey - me.caseysmith

come followwwww! We're fun and annoying and completely out of shape and really really unshowered - which makes being friends with us online, much much more tolerable;)!!! xoxo

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