Friday, March 11, 2016

work/nap/date night.

we're back at it. WORK NIGHT:) I think I missed a week. Last week was our 'Work Night' and that consisted of Jacob and my dad putting a header in the entry/foyer area...that we plan to remodel completely...someday. But they got that up and the wall is completely open now - YAY:) Meanwhile, I had pina colada slush and schmoozed with my Friend...yay, Work Night!!!;)

tonight we had 9 kids and since it was so nice, we packed some sandwiches and juice and headed to the park. 

my - we're 'in-charge' of 9 kids and a dog, where's my beer - face:)

found beer.

we always end the night with popcorn or ice cream or snickers or gummy worms and movies. I don't take photos of that portion of the night. I assume you can trust me when I say that thattttt is happening;)

next week we're hoping to utilize our time for a Date Night!!!:) We'll be a few days out from my birthday and we may mix things up and have Courts watch the kids during the daylight hours!!

happy Friday, friends:)

- casey

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