Thursday, March 17, 2016

we'll call this: salvageable

when your husband uses words and phrases like the following, in regards to the dinner you made:

did you check to see if the cottage cheese was good because there's mold on the cover - kids have already been served and are scarfing down

it's salvageable

maybe, start with something simpler next time?

and by simpler are we talking about a bowl of damn cereal???!! Cause I don't know how covering potato chunks with whatevers in the fridge, qualifies as level: difficult.

so I made some potato flats. That's what I'm calling them.

Potato Flats.

aka. Courts boobs after 8 kids - I suppose, my boobs after 3...but mostly, Courts;)

I would tell you how I made them but I think it's pretty obvious. And I need to remember that I'm the minority that small group of people who never cooks;) 
What I think would be more useful to you, is to explain the steps I should have taken...and didn't.

1 apparently, you need to spray the tin foil with something - cooking spray, Pam or any sort of Olive Oil

2 pre-cook the potatoes and carrots before adding all toppings

3 check the cottage cheese for mold BEFORE serving

so there you have it. I'll be honest felt good cooking something tonight. No matter how it turned out;) We recently did a great grocery trip and have an abundance of fruits and veggies in the house and a list of recipes (level: EASY;) for me to get started on. I've also worked-out every day this week (even just for 10min.!) - Jacobs watched me work-out every day this week, bum;). That being said...I've also had a slight slip-up almost every day this week...late.night.binging snacking:/

this is progress, though!!! I'm noticing where changes need to be made...where changes to our changes need to be made;)

the biggest one being those late night snacks. Jacob and I are night owls. We average on a midnight bedtime:/ SO I'm eating shit around 1030PM. This could be entirely avoided with an earlier bedtime. SO tonight I'm shooting for 930PM. Which seems impossible. But I shall try!:)

Potato Flats = delish;)

- casey


  1. Potential to be yummy!

    Here is one of my go to, super simple dishes. 1 bag of chicken breasts (or any cuts really) thaw/marinade in Italian dressing (best if over night) sear on grill, throw in crock pot w more dressing. Easy and get TONS of compliments on. Serve w fresh veg and a salad. Bam. Dinner.

    1. Ohhhh, love this!!! Taking note right now!! Thanks Rachel and thank you for the muffin recipe! Love the idea of adding the flaxseed! I'm all over this and will let you know how I do;)

  2. Love your creative cooking efforts,it's how you learn. I hope you make your potato flats for us when we come see you guys.

  3. Love your creative cooking efforts,it's how you learn. I hope you make your potato flats for us when we come see you guys.