Thursday, March 17, 2016

theo daisy: 23 months and rocky peyton: 4 months

23 months is pretty monumental. Almostttttt more so than 24 months/2 years. I get most of my late night sobbing out of the way the month prior to their 'big' birthday's;)

i can't believe my baby girl will be 2 years old in a few weeks!:( I've noticed that she's getting taller and thinning out just a little bit. Losing that bit of baby fat that makes her still my chubby baby:( - there are going to be SO many sad faces in this post:((((((  ;)

theo is just the spunkiest thing EVER. Oh man. I laugh at her so often! She's so goofy and fiery! When Homer was her age and Theo was the baby, I had such a hard time really enjoying a 2 year old. Maybe because I was just getting my feet wet with TWO kids and 2 is just such a tough age for most kids. So many feelings and emotions and so little understanding of how to express all that - I just described myself;)!? But this time around...I'm really able to - MOST of the time;) - get it. Really let all those fits and cuddles and breakdowns and funny faces and mispronounced words, fill me up! I love it:)

funny how that went. 
Homer at 2yrs: dick. Theo at 2yrs: hilarious. 
Me when Homer was 2yrs: overwhelmed. Me when Theo is 2yrs: chill.

so Theo is the best. Funny. Quirky. She still sleeps so great and her and Homer are now sharing a room...which has been so cute and fun and a complete nightmare all rolled into one giant shit-show;) - but mostly the cute and fun part and was a pretty painless transition:) Saying new words daily. Eats like a pig. Runs like a weirdo. Dances like no one's watching:) She really just lives her life and we're just along for the ride:)

i'm so excited to celebrate all things THEO, when she turns 2 on March 30th. We're thinking of getting her one of those little water tables - here or here - I feel like, besides being awesome this summer, will keep her busy for lengthy amounts of time and it's something that Homer might be distracted with as well!

23, pretty fantastic months, minus the first 2 in which you never slept and I actually DID lose my mind. :)

and the Theo and WillB Show;)

and Rocky Peyton.

have I mentioned how fabulous life is with you in it? This kid is KILLIN' IT at being a baby. I mean. Really:) Homer was relatively easy...cause, 1st babies. What else is there to worry about. Theo, well, she sucked;) Rocky...ROCK STAR BABY!!!! I've heard of people quitting the kid thing cause they have a rough one - Theo was that for us BUT even in my darkest hour, I knew we'd have more:). And then I've heard of people quitting cause they have a dreamboat baby and want to end on a high. That's Rocky for us...BUT I still know we'll have more. But I'll admit...I doubt Rocky can be beat;)

rocky is rolling over. He's actually all over the place. Rolling and kinda scooting...we leave him on his back, in the middle of the blanket, facing South and we come back to him on his belly, facing West! I'm impressed:):);) He is a good sleeper. Loves to cuddle and smile and just loves to have your face in his face:) 

we love you, Rocky Peyton. We are so lucky to have you and you have definitely brought the curve up in this family of ding-dong's;)

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