Tuesday, March 22, 2016

year2: the waterpark

a few months ago we had our 2nd Annual Dells Weekend! 

i'll admit, I was a totalllllll Dells Snob initially. I'm not sure what I thought? I'm for SURE not too good for the Dells. Maybe I was annoyed that so many people went there, somehow making it less awesome/special? 

BUT I'm converted. All the way. It was a blast: you can see last year's trip HERE.
And this year was even better because baby girl, THEO, didn't scream...the entire time;)...like last year;) Her and the water are warming up to each other:)

there are still some kinks to be worked out but overall, we've got a pretty good thing going on and we all really look forward to it:)

for the past 2 years, we've gotten 4 rooms and brought our own food and at least one night, we meet up after kids are snoozing and have a drinks together - if you haven't stayed up until 2AM in a hotel room, sharing a Margarita the size of your head, or nursing boobs, in my case;), listening to 80's classics...you're missing out. BIG time;) We're considering getting a more shared space in the coming year, which could have a lot of benefits!

this time around I was nursing - wait...I was nursing the last damn time too...and there's a always a good chance I'll be pregnant at the next one and soooooo, basically, I may as well invest in a swimsuit with some sort of skirt or hope that full on pants suits become a trend;)!!!
Nursing and swimsuit wearing...3MO after having a baby and no where near back to your pre-baby body wassssss...have I mentioned Margaritas?!?!;)

i felt really good though and got lots of compliments on my swimsuit: find it HERE. Jacob's a big ol' Star Wars fan and so he got a kick out of this:) I switched off wearing this and just a regular sports bar with black bottoms! Comfort/accessibility over fashion this year;)

i'll leave you with a little video to wrap our time there! I think that the most wonderful part of the weekend, outside of the time spent together, is the feeling of warmth:) We go in mid-January and so sitting next to a body of water and feeling warm and having a fruity drink in hand and watching the kids play...it's a very relaxing and happy time:)

- casey

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