Tuesday, June 27, 2017

1, slightly twisted kidney, is better than none.

hey 24WKS...this week I'm feeling like "we're ONLY at 24WKS?!?"...ask me tomorrow and I'll be in tears about how quickly we've gotten here;). 

i plan to have Courts take some photos next week - I'll be 25WKS and have a regular appointment and so I assume I'll be showered for ya;). But almost 2WKS ago we had an U/S and got some really fun photos of the baby and so I had my mom snap this one and I wanted to share a quick update, as well:)

our Ultrasound 2WKS ago was with a High Risk doctor - Maternal & Fetal Medicine. On our 18WK U/S, they found some concern with the kidneys. Since the whole Zika scare - you can read about that HERE - I was honestly not alarmed about the kidney stuff at.all. That seemed like small beans in comparison to a potentially, way bigger Zika issue. So we waited several weeks, until the baby was a bit bigger, to do a follow-up U/S at 22WKS.

long story short, the baby looks perfectly healthy - so SO incredibly thankful for that:). Seeing as they were already looking at things closely, they cleared us againnnnnn of any concerns of Zika and then after some time, they found that the right kidney seems to be lower than the left - but not too much lower - and has 2 arteries flowing to it, instead of one. So basically this baby is a Kidney Over Achiever;). 

the kidney is slightly twisted and so we'll have to continue to be followed by the High Risk doc, to make sure that it doesn't continue to twist. That is their main concern. If it continues twisting, that could cut off blood flow and that is where things would get tricky. We'll be going back in about 6WKS for another U/S in regards to this. And then after the baby is born, they may suggest that we follow-up to watch the baby's kidney progress and make sure there aren't any issues going forward...but that's all way too far into the future for me to think about now...I don't even know what I'm making the kids for lunch yet;).

other than all THATTTTT, this has been another snooze-fest of a pregnancy, in the BEST way possible!!!!:) I'm gaining the most.weight.ever. No surprise there. I think we're at 26LBS, so far. But I've also been staying pretty active...walking a lot, this week I started doing yoga and a few quick work-outs, push-mowing the lawn - which I really enjoy so much!!!:) Gives me a break from the kiddos and time to listen to a Podcast!!!
So I feel really great and yes, some days are hard...it's hard to gain a lot of weight and to watch your body changing so rapidly and I get it...most would be completely annoyed because I'm viewed as being on the thinner side of things anyways...but trust me, it's not about being 'fat'. It's just the change. Feeling out of breath just climbing the stairs. Having difficulty finding something to wear that makes me feel comfortable and like myself. You kinda lose yourself in pregnancy, just as you do in motherhood.
BUT good grief...hardly a complaint and growing a baby is pretty much my favorite thing to do and so yeah...all part of the hormonal/mental-fuck/MIND-BLOWING/incredible/HAPPIEST experience:):)

okay. So I had planned for 1 paragraph and yet here we are;). 

we're incredibly excited for this baby. For another baby. For a 4TH baby!!! Oh my gosh!!!:)

thanks for reading, friends:)

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  1. Prayers for a healthy outcome for the baby.