Monday, June 5, 2017

twenty weeks.

post by casey.

halfway there. 

jacob and I got away for a few hours a couple nights ago and across the table at Fazolis;), we talked about baby names and how excited we are for this dang baby anddddd how the moon and sun have been positioned in the sky - cause I'm married to someone who pays attention to such things:)

i've been feeling so good and happy and excited and just not really too nervous or anxious about the idea of 'four'. I try to remind myself and Jacob, in the moments that it does get extra reallllll, that the sleepless nights go fast and the schedules change - Homer will be going to school this fall and so we'll have 2 nappers and a baby at home (DOABLE;). And everything changes all too quickly and one moment we'll be drowning in parenthood and the next...not as much:);). 

a few things: as good as I do feel...I feel huge and wish I could exercise a little self-control but unfortunately...I don't...and when I'm hungry...I eat. All.The.UNHEALTHY.Things;). On track to gain that 55lbs! I'm told it's rare to have a husband run to get you food at any hour of the day and so I consider myself lucky and full;). I have been trying to stay active and as much fun as a summer baby would have been this time around, it's easier for me to keep moving during a summer pregnancy:) 
I thinkkkkkk we already have our top 2 boy and top 2 girl names ready and we're excited about all of them! 
Still hearing a lot of people say that they think it's a girl and I agree:) 
Trying to grow my hair out so that I can get that top knot before the baby comes. I'm putting this out there: do NOT let me chop my hair after this baby. I always do and I always kindaaaaa regret it. That is all:)
Jacob felt the baby kick for the first time last night:)

kimono - Forever21
dress - old but similar HERE

photos by Courtney Smith Photography:)

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