Thursday, June 8, 2017

#the52project Week21

post by casey.

anyone happen to know what week we're on!? Anyone out there???? Yeahhhhhh...I think we're all in Summer Vacation mode and the inevitable is happening: blog neglect. But don't worry...the blog isn't the only thing that we neglect during Summer Vacation;) There's days that I don't think we actually eat a real meal cause we're constantly outside and snacking and on the go and fending for our own damn selves;). And the kids should for sure be getting baths every night and they're for sureeeee not getting baths every night and so then their sheets should be getting changed and that ain't happening either! And since we're outside 24/7...the inside looks like we hustled to get outside and so yeah...EVERYTHING IS DIRTY!!!

and that's just not at all a complaint:) We're loving our days together and we're so lucky that we get these days together and there are still time-outs and fits over not being able to play on electronics and sassy mouths and me yelling and themmm yelling;)...but we're doing okay...better than okay:)

my good stuff: good friends getting engaged!!:) Wednesday Beach Day! winning an Instagram give-away:)

a portrait of my children, once a week(ish), every week(ish), in 2017

homer - passing on my watermelon obsession to my boy:)

theo daisy - will she forever be my only girl?! Gosh, I love her spunk:)

rockyp - refusing to stay my baby:)
*he can't sit there by himself but insisted and I allowed it long enough for this photo:)

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