Monday, June 12, 2017

what's the opposite of a Green Thumb?

how to make your yard look pretty 101:

go to the greenhouse with a relatively small budget.

BLOW the budget on just 2 large and beautiful hanging plants!

return to the greenhouse with more money that you don't have and blow through a 2nd budget.

plant the plants. 

regret never having replaced the gutters when you re-roofed, 3 years ago, cause now you have to replant several plants that were washed out with the rain:/

regret having told your sister, who is also your Insurance Agent, about the gutter situation...cause apparently gutters are a must for your insurance?!;/

plant the plants...again.

recruit your sister/Insurance Agent to come help you do all.the.things.
- if you're looking for the BEST INSURANCE AGENT EVER...hit me up for information:)

and that's really it! Not so hard and there mayyyyyy even be a few steps in there, that are required of me but that YOU can skip;)

thank gawdddd for Aunt Pigg...nothing would have gotten accomplished without her here to motivate us:) THANK YOU, PIGG!!!:)

gardener attire;)

break for the sprinkler:)

greenhouse outside of Lindsey, WI - we believe it was L&L Greenhouse

and I couldn't have done it without the...wait. Nope...I could have done it much faster and more efficiently without their help but then who would be there to interrupt me a gazillion times and throw the wood chips into the yard and remind me that I have no patience for such things anddddd keep me humble?;)

now here is what I'm working with...what my husband referred to as a turd;) But with a couple flowers and a full day of weeding...she looks prettyyyyyy improved:)







i've since finished the wood chips but don't have a final photo. BUT this is it and I just think the little bit that we did, made all the difference! I'm really happy with how it turned out! Someday, years from now, we hope to restore or replace the siding and so we just wanted an inexpensive and simple fix to the landscaping...for now:)

and a BEFORE and AFTER right next to each other....

there are also some areas that I haven't gotten an AFTER photo of...this is the before of another corner of the house. Believe it or not, there's a little sidewalk under that mess and you can clearly see it now!:)

this is the opposite side of the house (N side). Jacob worked on weeding. We have no plans for this but to keep it grass, at this point.


so there you have it! This project definitely motivated me to keep moving along with some of the things we can DIY on this house - and we are not much for DIY-ing, unfortunately. But I'd like to paint more windows/trim and just keep cleaning things up:) We're also trying to keep the To Do List empty this summer...just chill and do what we want, if anything, and for a minimal cost:)

we hope you accomplish some of those Home Improvement Projects on your list and if you don't...we hope you don't sweat it!:)

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