Tuesday, July 4, 2017

harper lake is a pretty name for a pretty lake.

my aunt and uncle have THE best property on Harper Lake in Rib Lake, WI. It's gorgeous and they've built - completely on their own - this amazing little cabin! It's funny that we spend a lifetime 'collecting things' and then the other 1/2 of our lifetime trying to live as minimally as possible. I feel fortunate, that at the ripe-ol'-age of 34, I already know that we have so much more than we'll ever need/want/deserve and so I've already started trying to minimize and look towards the future and make decisions that will reflect what I see for us in 5/10/30YRS.

anyhoo...have I mentioned that I lose a lot of sleep andddddd cry a lotttttt during pregnancy?! Kinda my thang';).

my aunt and uncle are so generous in letting us spend time here and we just love and appreciate it SO much! And much appreciated that no one judges me squeezing into a 1-piece bodysuit...that, so obviously, wasn't meant or prepared to take on what I've dealt it;) Mostly thankful that it's a private and quiet lake;).

looking through these photos makes me so happy:) Seeing the kids all just having so much fun - so much in part to all the work that my uncle does in setting things up and letting us just take over!!!;) - and the great weather and the beautiful views and it's just so damn peaceful.

also, these photos are from a few weeks ago...so that bodysuit has been retired for the remainder of this pregnancy;). We've been back to the cabin since and so I'll have more photos to share soon!

hope you've had a great holiday weekend!!!! Happy 4th of July, Friends:) 

in case you're into bodysuits, I found mine at Forever21 and, for me, they were a GREAT alternative to a 1-piece swimsuit. I bought a few, for less than $10, for our vacation to Mexico - see that vacation HERE
Similar options HERE HERE and HERE.

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