Wednesday, May 18, 2016

theo daisy: 25 months and rocky peyton: 6 months

post by casey

my darling children are growing old. I'll cut right to the chase and tell ya what I love about them and what it is that is causing me wrinkles;)

if you follow me on Instagram - HERE - you are pretty familiar with Theo Daisy. And Theo Daisy's sass. I can report that nothing has changed in the last month, in regards to her attitude;)

BUT she's getting taller. Which makes her look less like a baby/toddler and more like a normal/annoying-sized child;) 

she just began to sleep in a big-girl bed! We're about a week in and it takes just a bit to get her to stay in there but we've found that the same approach that we used on Homer, is working with her as well - where she gets out of bed 20 times in one night and you just sit on the edge of your bed (crying because of sheer exhaustion, optional;) and you just silently get up and put her back to bed. Every.Damn.Time). But she's always been a really solid sleeper, they all have, so once she's asleep...we're all good till morning:)

besides that...she's just doing her thang'. Binge eating, taking an interest in taking photos with my little point and shoot camera, being aggressive and then incredibly sweet.

this little turd of perfection is still just that. Perfect. Nursing like a champ...we had a few sketchy days after I was diagnosed with strep and then become pretty dehydrated, where my supply seemed to drop significantly. BUT we worked through it, thankfully! Now that he's 6months...1/2 a DAMN YEAR?!?!?!?...we're gonna finally take the plunge and put some solid foods in this boy:) If he could talk:


i'm just sad he's getting older. That's all. I can tell he's not ready to be a big the way that he doesn't allow me to ever have sex;) He's still co-sleeping with us but now that Theo's out of the crib, that's freed up for Rocky. 6months is usually about the time we transition them to the crib but I'm not sure he's we're ready yet:(

and then things got incredibly sexy for this perfect baby specimen!!!;);)

blurry but too happy not to include:)

i almost forgot to get a photo of Homer in 'the chair' for his 4th birthday - HERE - but even though it's coming in a few days late...we grabbed one. 

this buddy is becoming such a little man. He's still got some attitude that we're working on adjusting. I mean, we're on his ass constantlyyyyyyy. ARG. But I'm assured it's just the age...and partly his evil little ways....and mostly his age;)

homer is on night 7 of not wetting the bed!!!!:):) NO diapers. I's crazy! We kinda forgot about it and then on a whim, decided to put Theo in a big girl bed and put Homer in undies at night and throw Rocky in a crib anddddd solve World Hunger;) All in a week's work;)
I could not be prouder of how well he's doing!

and Homer just had his last day of Preschool. It was challenging for him at times...but really only for drop-off...I think he did great while he was there. But we've still decided to keep him home now, until Kindergarten. The teachers were wonderful and I think it was really beneficial for him but we're going to start putting that tuition, towards the tuition we'll be paying for him to go to the local private school. EEEEEKKKK. It feels like such a big deal to be making this sort of decision for him and his future and we're really excited. I feel...old;)

3 kiddos has been such a great time. I mean...SO much better than 2. 
2 was an incredible struggle!! But we're forming a pretty wonderful team here and I'm excited for the future with these guys:)


  1. 6m old!!! Time to make another ADORABLE baby then right?

    I'm so with you on the preschool thing BUT we kept them home this year and will send them next year (maybe I'll do the mommy walk of shame with their boxes of school stuff we dropped off the night before again and not actually send them)

    Way to go on the night time undies homer! The 4 year old sass HAS to be an age thing. JOSIAH. IS. THERE. and not 4 till july. The back talk, the tone of voice, in general 90% of what comes out of his mouth gets my blood boiling! AND then there is the 10% the I love yous, the "you can do it" the good night prayers melt my heart.

    Sounds like you had one busy week with all the transitions. Have a glass of wine or 3. ;-)

    1. HA!!! I do have to admit to a bit of (A LOT);) baby fever!!!!😳😬 Bit were gonna wait a bit:)

      And I'm with ya on the school thing...I don't know...I'm just in no rush and I think that's gonna be okay:)

      And I'd totally be down for wine but I gave up alcohol - for now. Weirdddd, I know!!!! That may need it's very own blog post;) - casey