Sunday, May 8, 2016

birthdays are about family...and mostly presents. By Homer Smith.

post by casey

i mean, what can I say that won't lead to a thousand tears?

we love this boy. Gosh, he's pushed me to the verge with his awful attitude and then pulled me right back in with his huge heart:) Homer just wants things a certain way and he'll try to negotiate with you to the ends of the earth;). He's sweet as candy and has a mouth full of cavities to prove it;) But he's special. And he's perfect. And he minds his manners. And he's such a jerk. And he's 4:')

his 3rd birthday HERE. his 2nd birthday HERE. his 1st birthday HERE. - don't mind me, over my dark room...crying those thousand tears now;'(((((((

homer helped decorate:)

this mayyyyy have been my favorite birthday feast, to date:) YUM!

thanks to my mom, for capturing some perfect/non-iPhone photos:)

this year we asked Homer what 4 things he wanted. His response: a RED hulk costume - couldn't find and we question whether it even exists?!?!. A (pretend) Power Ranger gun with 3 bullets - Bubble gum - thanks Auntie Pigg!!!!:). A bike:)

not only do I love Homer's genuine excitement in these photos...but the part that has me all choked up...what is surrounding him. His family. His cousins. His built-in best friends. They just get right into it with him. Happy FOR him. :)

the weather was perfect to hang-out outside with our coffee...for the kids to play and Homer to get some practice in on his bike - he is SO good at it!!!!:) And of course, for sidewalk chalk - aka. body tracing...see more on my SnapChat: me.caseysmith.

it was such a great day. Made better because we were able to celebrate Mother's Day AND my 1st born on the same day:) I gotta say...I never dreamt of being a mom. Neither Jacob or I knew if we had it in us. But I'm so glad we decided not to let fear make that decision for us - just unprotected sex;) Just KIDDING ma, I've never had s.e.x. Ew.

Homer Nicholas Scott Smith - I'm typing that with a raised voice because that's SO OFTEN HOW IT COMES OUT OF MY MOUTH AT HOME;)

we love you too much. It's quite disgusting. We're gonna be front-row for everything. You wanna do Softball? We'll be there. You want to win some Interpretive Dance Competitions? Count us in. You've decided to play video games for a living - from your own apartment, ya bum!!! What time should we log-in? We'll support you in anything you love. We love you. Always have. Always will. 

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