Tuesday, May 31, 2016


post by Casey

i can hardly believe the day has come. We sold our house...the one we thought we'd sell almost 4 years ago, when we bought our current - forever - home, just across town. Funny how these things work out...or don't;)

i highly do NOT recommend having one home (bought not fixed but now fixed, fixer-upper) and then buying another home (completely un-fixed fixer-upper, currently still not fixed...not at all...not even close) and then dropping to a one-income household with 2 mortgages and 3 kids and an Astro-van. 

lot of love though. A shit ton of that;)

i bought my 2nd Street house when I was just 21. The beginning of some very ugly days years for me. I was really in no position to be buying a house. Jacob and I were dating when I bought the house but we'd soon realize we were both assholes and break-up for a few years.

we were together. i forget the rest. - walt whitman

as of today, I've struggled to hold onto this home for 12 years. Being 21-25yrs of age, with a slight drinking 'issue' and possessing an American Eagle and Victoria's Secret card, turned out to be a bit more than I was able to handle on my own;)

i bought this house, under a Land Contract, from my aunt and uncle. They are basically, saints, for working so patiently with me. I had so much to learn and really had no clue what I had signed up for. Only in the last 7 years - 5 shitty years, 7 very okay years;) - can I fully appreciate what they did for me. Thank you!!!!!

and to my parents, THANK YOU! I bought the house after my grandma was moved to Assisted Living. It wasn't what it is now. It's a beautiful little house because of them. Many of the quirks and character of an old home but the updates my parents have done to this house, made it the adorable little home it is today:) And they worked entirely on x's and o's...;) 

and now a little trip down memory lane. 

my bridal shower and young skin:)

jacob proposed in this house. I was napping (shout-out to naps...you are missed!!!;) in our bedroom and he came home from work and marched right in and got down on his knee and asked. Just like that. And I said: are you sure? - I said that because I'm fully aware of how crazy I am and it was absolutely necessary to give him an 'out';)

we celebrated Homer in this house...before we knew he or she would be a Homer:)

this was Homer's first home - insert tears on the keyboard;'). We're happy that this house is right down the street. That we can point it out to Homer on all our walks. We're happy that we sold it to a good kid, someone that will take care of it and make improvements and whether he enjoys it as his Bachelor Pad or someday, starts a family there...I hope he loves it as much as we did:)

there were so many hard days here. But we got our shit together in this house. We straightened out our messes. We grew-up. 

- it's where Jacob picked me up for our last 'first' date...huge snow storm that night and we shut down the cafe, talking about us and how we were going to take it slow this time (engaged in 6months slow?!;)

- it's where I walked through the door wayyyy too drunk, for the last time...where I started getting better:)

- where I didn't learn to cook, not sure any house is gonna pull that off;)

- where we screamed at each other and where we learned to stop screaming at each other

- where I watched Harry and the Hendersons for the 1st time...it's still completely absurd!

- where I took my 1st positive pregnancy test:)

all the late night projects and early morning walks and sleepless nights and my first maternity leave and...each day has only gotten better. It was good and it was bad, at times, but it always got better:)

having this house has meant so much to me.

butttttt today, I left the kiddos at home and went and signed papers and bought a coffee and a fucking hanging basket cause having had this house and now selling this house is a pretty big deal. Like $6 coffee, $29 hanging basket BIG;)


  1. the best is yet to come. all the tears. happy tears.

  2. You are an amazing writer! Really,you should have all your work in hardcover on the shelves of Barnes and Noble. I want an autographed copy. Never stop!

  3. Glad everything worked out for you and your family in the end. I am sure it was a tough time having two homes with a single income. The 2nd house looks really amazing, I am sure you and your family will make great memories in that house. Thank you for sharing all the amazing pictures of your family.

    1. Thanks so much!!:) It's been quite a relief, missed...but a relief!!:):) Onward and upward;)

  4. This post simply made me cry - it is wonderful walking down memory lane and the best part of all is you have many more memories to make - together - in your new home. You look like such a happy, beautiful family and whatever life throws at you, you can take it! Congratulations!

  5. There are lots of memories that you may have from the old house. But selling the house was a wise decision, and I’m sure you will be proud of it someday. Owning two homes with one income must have been a rough experience. With everything you have been through, you will find relief in your new home and enjoy better and exciting moments. Good luck in your endeavors!