Sunday, May 8, 2016


i kinda love these #momfashion posts because we try to just randomly choose days to take photos of what we're wearing, when we remember. They've never been planned and sometimes we only take a photo because we're accidentally wearing the same thing. OR becauseeeee we haven't changed in 3, veryyyyy longgggg, days;) Or even because we actually showered and put on 'real people' clothes!

and because I figured 1 in every 100 persons that come across this post MIGHT...KINDA...Because they're beyond bored with life at that very moment in curious about where we came across what we're wearing...I'll start posting here with those links:)

necklace (from Mall of America) HERE, pants (which I got for $18.99) HERE, mug HERE

shirt HERE, similar watch HERE, similar jeans HERE

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