Monday, May 30, 2016

20 weeks. half way. say whaaaaaat!

post by Courtney

in awe once again at how fast pregnancy seems to go. I may be out of the norm, but I thoroughly enjoy pregnancy. granted, we've been blessed with 'easy,' healthy pregnancies, but I enjoy it nonetheless!

I'm behind on my end of this blogging deal as this photo was taken a couple weeks ago before a date night, but I figured I should make a contribution ;) 

so here you have it, my 19 week bellay. while I'm 21 weeks 1 day today. and the post is titled 20 weeks. 

a little comparison cause we all like to look back and reminisce. 18wks with Will.

that's how I roll :)
shoes * jeans (similar) * shirt (similar, Casey made me change) * cardigan

over a week ago now I had my 18to20 week ultrasound. all looks good and healthy, just the way we hoped and prayed for. measuring right where we should be. and no, we did *not* find out what we're having. that's no fun ;) we like the surprise. and at this point, we have a couple of each :)

baby Smith #9
due date: October 8
weight gain: 12.6lbs 
(started about 10lbs more than I wanted)

finally feeling baby move occasionally. seems to be my norm. embracing the maternity tote. eating all the food. minus fast food and soda pop because it doesn't cooperate. blech. frequent potty breaks. nothing too exciting to report. apparently my next appointment begins the infamous urine testing so I'm looking forward to that ;) thankful everything is going well once again!

and a photo of us before our date day just because he's my favorite :)