Tuesday, May 24, 2016

get some Loft in your life.

post by Casey

loft is pretty neat. Loft at an additional 50% Off...magical.

as my Forever21 days are coming to a close - the fact that I complain about the volume of their music and lack of organizational skills (both inducing headaches;) speaks volumes about my age;) - Loft has become a new favorite! The stores smell good (very important;), are clean/organized and visually PRETTY:) Besides that and more importantly, classic/pretty/comfortable/affordable clothing:)

they are currently running a sale...50% OFF of the already, sale priced items. And there are a lot of great options! Sale section HERE.

i sort of feel like a coke-head...dangling my coke bag (coke bags are a thing, right??? where my coke friends at???;) in front of your face and trying to convince you that it's life-changing in the 'good way';)

trust me. It's a good sale and if you were already considering spending a little of you or your husband's paycheck...now would be the time. Today. DO it. Or not. It's okay-ish to put your money towards your retirement or kids college fund;)

a few of my fav picks below!!!:)

happy - online - shopping:)

*all items can be found in the Sale Section

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  1. Plus 2% back if you shop through Ebates.com ;-)