Thursday, May 12, 2016

diaper bags. aka. junk drawers.

post by casey

i miss the days of pretty diaper bags, filled with healthy snacks and wipes and earth-friendly diapers and having it all togetherrrrrrrrrr - nah, it was never quite like that;)

while sitting around sipping coffee and tripping over diaper bags, it occurred to us that we needed to share what we're carrying around and how we 'make it work' - laughable;)
So right that second...myself and 2 sisters, dumped our bags and it was...enlightening. 

one eye is bigger than the other
doesn't move hips when dancing
mom of 3
2 in diapers

switching to a backpack has been life changing. And comfortable. It just works. Find mine - HERE.

i haven't cleaned my bag out in a it was even a bit of surprise for me to find some of the things that were in it. 

- non-matching sock
- a pair of my socks
- 1millionnnnnnnn teeny hair ties
- a pack of birth-control that I've been meaning to refill. OOPS.

so I've gotten a bit lazy in my diaper-bag game. Mostly cause I know I'll normally be somewhere that has the essentials (diapers & wipes): my sister's, with similar aged children. or Target. Duh.

an Aries
considering braces at 31
mom of 4
2 in diapers

similar bag HERE

mallory just birthed a baby 6weeks ago. And she's now a mama of 4. SO, she's kinda got this thing down.  Not much in this bag that isn't essential.

- amazing lotion
- fat wallet, due to receipts not cash money;)
- professional-looking folder of bills/life
- all the drawings of the new baby...that the other babies drew:)

it's still a bit early for her...and this little baby is her first girl. SO she still has those cute diapers and cute outfits. She'll start failing soon;)

her hips don't lie
loses in foot races
mom of 8
1 currently failing at potty training

bag HERE

i know you've all been waiting to see what a mom of 8 (soon to be NINE) keeps in her diaper bag. Right?!!?!? I mean...she's been doing this since she was 15 18;). NOTHING gets past her. You need an extra diaper, or 10...she got it. You need some butt paste, the organic kind, bitch...inside pocket. A flashlight...a spoon...3 paper clips...a stuffed animal with a soft taggggggg...a condom/pad/tampon...ALL.IN.THERE.

and then this is what you find. I meannnnnn. Ummmmm. I feel like it's maybe how Packer fans felt at the end of those Favre games...the games where he throws a Hail Mary...that's intercepted;) This kinda shit just knocks the wind outta your sails. Not gonna lie, we dumped this out...and then I stuck my entire head into the bag, sure I'd find SOMETHING else...and then we all laughed our asses off!!!

mom of 8. but this resembles something closer to what a 16yr old boy would need after summer camp...ya know...for himself...and his handdddddd....;) Courts, don't you have a 16yr old boy?;)

- old Kleenex??!!?!?
- lip balm

so what we learned from this little experiment is...that even combined...we couldn't put together a decent diaper-bag anddddd I may or may not be pregnant. Totally kidding. Kinda. Maybe. 


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  2. Bahahaha (fought with auto correct for this one, took me too long wanted to change it to bahamas, maybe I won a trip there, wishful thinking) you guys CRACK. ME. UP.

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  4. omg girls, this cracked me up. I love it. :)

  5. Court's diaper bag, hahaha! This is hilarious.

  6. Also, I died when you compared her bag to the Favre games. I know EXACTLY that feeling and can relate! ;)

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