Sunday, February 19, 2017

theo daisy: 34 months and rocky peyton: 15 months

i'm quite late in getting to this post (even Theo's photo was taken well after her 34th month)...but alas, I've committed and so here we are.

i was actually thinking/talking with my cousin about being a few years (2015 and 2016) behind on my Photo Books as well as Theo and Rocky's 1st Year Photo Books and now I'm told My Publisher is shutting down?! Best to look into that if you've printed through that site...I believe if you call, they'll get you a digital copy of your books to save.
Anyways. This is somewhat off-topic...but I can't help but wonder what I really need these books for? I only stress about being 'behind'. And really, I can't remember the last time anyone looked through them...and will the kids even want them someday?! Arg. I'm torn. In my minimizing haze...I feel a strong pull to just throw them all away. I feel like I print my most favorite photos for framing and hanging on the walls. Maybe I should put more of my efforts into organizing my online photos (on my hard drive, etc.) so that those are more easily accessible to the kids...someday!? 
You can see HERE, that this isn't the first time I've lost sleep over the topic of PHOTOS and Digital Copies and Photo Books. Arg!

moving on...

onto these children of mine! Growing older by the second!!!!:)
They've both gotten hair cuts since last month, which only ages them so much more!

so there's Theo Daisy! Man, what a spit-personality spit-fire;)! She hasn't yet learned that being/screaming loudest doesn't always mean that mom will automatically think you're the victim. Been there, done that;)

her and Homer fight...constantly. She still loves her baby dolls and goes to bed with no less than 4, every night. She's testing boundaries and being defiant and sassy and good lord...I've got my hands full with this bunch - as I type this, her and Homer are shooting Nerf guns and I just heard her yell at him: "Don't.Shoot.My.Wiener!!!!!". 

she turns 3 in a month.

and RockyP:) He's still a wonderful little boy and addition to this family! He's becoming more brave in his personality, bigger, louder...feistier;) Weighing in at 21-1/2lbs, food is his friend. He's our healthy boy:)

he's still not quite walking. He's walked several times but he's not ready to commit. Which I'm okay with. I thought he'd have his siblings beat but it doesn't look like he'll be fully walking till at least 16MO as well;)  

he still wants to get up about once a night. At least. We're working on that. I think the 3rd time around we got a wee bit lot lazy and threw a bottle at the problem when he woke-up in the middle of the we're paying for it and I'm waiting on the 'ideal' weekend to detox him of that awful habit:/

*since writing this post, he's slept through the night for the last 4 nights!!! His ears must have been ringing:)

most of the time, I can hardly believe we're already 3 kids in. When was the last time I got to just cuddle with Rocky? He's hardly a baby anymore. It goes by way too dang fast. I'm so looking forward to a summer of bumming with these kiddos!!!!:)

our goals for the upcoming months: save for a family vacation - Homer's requesting a beach:) and enjoy...just...enjoy:)

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