Thursday, February 23, 2017

#the52project Week7

post by casey.

having a week where I'm quite confident my children will surely turn out to be bullies and jerks and the kid no one likes and the one that doesn't show up for work and the one that doesn't finish anything and steals other kids' mittens and sets cats tails on fire and laughs at dogs with 3 legs.

and my fucking fingers constantly smell like toddler shit. And I JUST had a vacation from this. I JUST had a few hours to myself yesterday. Do these breaks do more harm than good?! Do these breaks make it harder to get back to reality?! 

point: my kids (minus Rocky, cause...#thankgawdforrockyp;) have been huge dicks and I've been a crazy-person right back and I'm just not proud of the tone or volume of my voice - my passive way of admitting that I've been yelling at them non.stop.:/

i'm not sure what I need. 
FYI. I need something. 
So that's where my head's at:)

a portrait of my children, once a week(ish), every week(ish), in 2017

homer nicholas scott smith
anyone know where I would have put his Birth Certificate?! Guess I need that for his Kindergarten Registration!
Also...hard to believe, from this photo, that he could ever do any wrong...DON'T BE FOOLED!!!!;)

theo daisy smith
stills obsessed with Frozen! I've been researching used Aladdin DVD's...would love to introduce some 'old school' Disney into their lives:)

rocky peyton smith
impossible to believe he'll ever sass me...only a matter of time;(

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