Tuesday, February 14, 2017

love is...a taco holder, your dad makes, for your husband.

post by casey.

what says "let's make a 4th baby" more than gifting your husband a Valentine's Day Taco Holder that your dad made - hey, I did send him a photo and I diddddd offer to come out and help throw some staples in it;).

so yeah. I didn't have a very big hand in this years Valentine's gift but it's the thought that counts. And all my thoughts are still, obviously, on Tulum! Hence the taco holder;)
Remember this guy?!

it's a holder...of tacos...um?! HEART.EYES.

we didn't quite capture exactly what I was hoping for but I'm absolutely not complaining - because I can't...because I didn't lift a finger in helping create it;). But my dad whipped up a pretty useful taco holder in just a few minutes:)

also, an extensive search for "Wooden Taco Holders" on Pinterest and Etsy brought me to dead-ends. Is there a market for wooden taco holders!? Are you thinking, what I'm thinking? Casey's Taco Holder - wow...that sounds Rated R;). Wood You Like Me to Hold Your Taco HOLDERS. Shop name, to be determined;)

a few days ago, the kids and I did some painting/crafting and made some pretty adorable little hearts. We didn't actually put them to any use, I was hoping to have Homer pass them out to random people today while we were at Rocky's well-child doc visit...but we didn't quite have the time to wrap up that idea:/ Maybe next year!

but setting-up these little projects for them is ridiculously satisfying and productive! There was a lot of drawing and coloring and painting...for at least 40, GLORIOUS, minutes:) After that...Rocky over-turned every paintbrush water cup - yup, took me all 3 to finally figure out how far his reach was;).

valentines really isn't too big of a deal for us and my husband is very thankful for that;) I actually woke up this morning having forgotten that it was Valentine's Day! Oops;) Obviously, I (my dad - THANKS DADDDDD!!!;) still cranked out a little gift. But I have no expectation of receiving anything from Jacob and I actually have encouraged him not to go get flowers and such. That guy...I've told him a million times to just pick some flowers from the ditch on the way home, if he felt the need, but he'll still run into the store and that target on his back has him walking out with a $40 bouquet of Gerber Daisies and yeahhhhhh. I appreciate the gesture but at this point in my life...I'd take $40 in cash and 30MIN alone in the bath;)

happy LOVE day to everyone! Whether you choose to celebrate this day, specifically, or rebel against it, entirely...I hope you're showing your loved ones - and they're showing you right back - daily/constantly an overwhelming amount of love:)


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