Monday, October 3, 2016

have you met my friend, Oregon? part1

post by casey.

oh, Oregon. You are so cool with your pretty views - both those you look at and how you support locally made everything and health anddddd dogs;).
And you're home-base for a super cool part of my family. Who in a sweaty state of chasing my 10-1/2 month old around my uncles house, I may have spoke about baby balls? The body part...not the toy. Are you completely unfazed by my awkwardness already??

so we were invited to our cousins wedding in Portland. And it started as an 8 adult + 15 kid 10-day roadtrip and then ended up being a 4 adult + 3 kid 4-day by flight - did that make ANY sense???. I'm sad that we weren't able to make our initial plan happen but so glad I was still able to attend:) Rocky and I packed an over abundance of diapers (for him) and shoes (for me) and spent 1 full day traveling and 3 days site seeing and visiting with family.

there were house tours and the aforementioned baby balls stories and the laughs and goat cheese pizza and waiting in line for donuts in a sketchy part of town at 1030PM and farmers market and a waterfall and beach/ocean and vineyard and the dropping of the greasy hot pizza on the leather couch of our awesome Airbnb. que the fucking PANIC!!!!

it all worked out wonderfully:) Rocky slept on both flights. Oregon was gorgeous - as was my cousin, who was married and the reason we made the trip:). And I've finally reached a point in my life where I don't take for granted that time with family. It was a wonderful trip and most importantly, we were able to get most of the pizza stain out - and it helped that our airbnb host has 4 small children, so she was incredibly understanding anddddd we got her flowers from the farmers market to butter her up;)

trying to take a family photo before leaving...which lead to me not feeling an ounce bad about abandoning them for 4 days;)

the WI Crew:)


what is that saying??
if you can't get there in an Astro's not worth going...
no? yeahhhhhh;)

lia and austyn's first flight!!!!:):)

this was our first time using Airbnb and it did not dissapoint. The family, who's house we took over for a few days, were so accommodating and flexible and it was just such a cozy and wonderful way to spend our time in Oregon! - and less expensive than a hotel!

we arrived in Portland, Oregon at about 11PM on Thursday night and headed to the waterfall as soon as we woke-up on Friday morning:)

later in the day, Friday, we met up with family at my aunt and uncle's home in Lake Oswego, Oregon
They are the warmest, most thoughtful people:) It's obvious that everything they do and that is in their lives, they have put their whole hearts into:) 

we really had to rally to get our asses back out of the house on Friday night but I'm so happy we did! More time to spend with our cousin and some of the most amazing pizza - Sizzle Pie - and DONUTSSS - Voodoo Doughnut!!!:)

1030PM seems like a reasonable hour to get $25 worth of donuts...

part2 coming later this week!:)