Saturday, September 24, 2016

38 weeks, oh my!

post by Courtney

we've hit 38 weeks. that's pretty huge. speaking of huge ;) ... here are some photos from the wedding we attended last weekend. I'm actually 37 weeks in these photos so just use your imagination and add 4-5 lbs. oopsies! 

it's water weight, I swear!

Lia wants nothing to do with photos until they're not photos of her. Darn girl!

* 38 weeks
* 'napping' daily
* still in love with mintbonbon
* steadily gaining weight
* jealous my oldest two girls are in Oregon right now, and I'm not
* looking forward to all the stories they'll tell us when they get home
* not packed or near ready for my hospital stay
* in a bit of denial this is going to happen in 2ish weeks
* sleeping less and less at night (my back bothers me late in pregnancy)
* possibly starting my nesting (but I will leave the laundry out of this)
* still attempting to choose names
* still attempting to potty train a 2yo
* excited to meet a new little Smith
* sad I'm nearing the end so quickly (yet again)

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