Monday, October 17, 2016

number 16.

post by casey

i know Courtney already announced her OWN baby - how dare she;). But I had a few photos that I snapped at the Hospital and in honor of the baby I'm not yet pregnant are some photos of a baby to tie me over;)

9th baby in the Smith household. 16th grand-baby in our family:) 

coy david smith

a few things about our hospital stays:

- Start (the birth!!!!:'))))) to Finish (well, maybe not the 'being forced to take a shit before leaving' part;). BUT otherwise...pain, exhaustion, over-abundance of visitors, stomach checkkkksssss:/, sitz bath:), nasty hospital food, quiet moments with a new baby on your chest, those first feedings...on and on. It's just so good:)

- we're up to an automatic 24-ish visitors...before any extended family/ the room can say the least;)

- what you can't tell, from these room photos, is that by day2, the room smells like a mixture of fart and McDonald's (if you're new to all the smells - that ain't good!;)...that fresh baby smell had some competition;)

the face of a woman who knows 4 may not - FOR SURE NOT - be enough!!!!:):):)


  1. Love the pic of Court with Nash, Drew, and Meg 😍

  2. If you guys are ever in the business, you can make me a baby ;-) creepy maybe. Haha but you two (well 4 technically) make the CUTEST mini humans, and apparently are super good at it.
    These pics are wonderful. "Dude" hat, Lia with coy (how natural does she look??), you with coy, The 4 little heads lined up by courts.... how do babies, such tiny little packages, make everything seem so freaking perfect and great?

    1. Gahhhhhh!!! Gummies all.the.babies!!! I can't waitttt to cook another one up!!;) And is totally be a surrogate but it'd be a shit show when I birthed it and then skipped town;)Thanks for following along Rachel!!:) Always appreciate your comments and texts and humor!!!:)