Thursday, October 13, 2016

theo daisy: 30 months and rocky peyton: 11 months

post by casey

i'm confident that referring to my 30MO old as...a 30MO old is BEYOND annoying. 2-1/2YRS. She's 2-1/2YRS. She's aged me twice that in that amount of time - I can tell by the way that my face is;) 

baby girl, you are a force to be reckoned with. Just yesterday she told me she was going to "pee on a sucker" and showed my sister (thankful that it was a family member;) her 'parts' showed her...a lot. All of it;) It was basically an assault on my sister's eyes;) And in the same day we talked about how if Theo and Homer were locked in a cage, fighting to the death, Theo would be the one to walk away from that situation alive - don't tell me you've never hashed out which of your children would survive in a baby-fight-club scenario???;)
So that's Theo in a nutshell. Nasty and Aggressive;)

but she is freaking CUTE. And she's funny as hell. She's starting to potty train - hence, her 'parts' being out and about;). And she still sleeps like a champ - Thank you, JESUS, for kids who sleep!!!! She eats. She never.stops.eating. Her hair is still wild. She still sucks her fingers and cuddles...hard:)

this is accurate.

because if one won't do as you ask...pit them against each other.
"well, if you won't sit...Will will!!!!!"


this portion of the blog post is going to be relatively short because...


the end.

kidding!!!;) Well, only kidding about this being short because he IS perfect;)

rocky...Rocky.Peyton. I should put you out front of the house and charge people a quarter to hold you and soak in your amazingness:) We're already so incredibly rich, just having you in our lives. But a few thousand quarters could be helpful;)

rocky has 4 teeth now. I'm not sure how the night-time sleeping is going because it definitely varies. Some nights are good and some nights are hard. But tis life with a baby. And he manages to make up for that by being PERFECT all;) It amazes me that other kiddos his age (or younger!!!) are already walking...Rocky is barely putting weight on his legs;) But he's falling in line with my elder 2, who didn't walk until well after their 1st birthdays - we're not overachievers like that;). He's still nursing...I'm thinking of trying to wean and I've saved enough to get him through till he's a year old. I don't know...this part of it is always hard. With each baby, I've gotten a little further (9MO with Homer, 10MO with Theo) and with each baby, it's gotten a little harder to stop:( I'm so grateful that it's been an easy road for me each time. I cherish that time with my babies and look forward to doing it again...and maybe again;)

he's just a good boy. We're very thankful for him and his chillness because we aren't stupid enough to think it'll last forever (we are stupid enough to be hopeful;)

and because I like to inflict pain on myself...

we are just having a great time over here. I mean, some days ARE hard. But recently...even with Jacob working the most he's EVER worked and Homer being more sassy than I EVER thought possible and Theo throwing her 'parts' around like she's trying to make a living;)...our days are good:)

thankful. That is all...just really fucking thankful:)

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  1. shaking my head at Theo and her lady bits. better watch out for that girl! ;)