Friday, October 7, 2016

have you met my friend, Oregon? part2

post by casey

i went to Oregon 2 weeks ago and yet it already feels like it never happened! What the shit!?:( 

PVSD - Post Vacation Stress Disorder - is real, people! Coming home from vacation being ANYTHING but refreshed and happy and fulfilled is NOT.ACCEPTABLE. But in matter how great of a time you had - and we had a super time from start to finish - you're basically exhausted and left wanting more:( 


if you can't tell, I miss Oregon. It was beautiful and it was so nice to be in a city with so much to offer. BUT I don't want to dismiss the beauty of a small town, where everyone knows your name - whether you know theirs or not;) - and as the kids have gotten older, I've come to find that our city has a lot more available to us than I had ever known:)

vacations are wonderful. I need - NEED - travel in my life. Jacob has promised me a lifetime of adventures and I have no doubt he'll follow-through on that:) But there really is, no place like home:)

the flowers we left for our wonderful Airbnb' grease stain? What pizza grease stain??;)

we wandered through Lake Oswego and I took a minute to look in this little shop:
It has a great story behind it and also donates part of its proceeds. A beautiful business:)

after prepping for the wedding in...wait...I was going to complain about having to share a bathroom with 8 other humans but then I remembered we were on vacation...staying somewhere with a legitimate amount of toilets and sinks and mirrors. What is this life?!?!?;)

the reception was at Union Pine

i may have penciled in a vow renewal there for 2020. People renew vows on their 9YR anniversary, right? - who cares. Jacob's in!
This place was...gorgeous. I danced all over it. Ate all it's food. And then I did a couple lunges. 
I look the same doing all 3 of those things;)

yeah. She's even more gorgeous than the already gorgeous reception site she chose. I mean. Stop. Pretty. You. There. Are. Pretty. 
Hard to believe there are more ways to encourage my awkwardness but apparently, pretty people can be added to that long.ass.list.

check her out on Instagram, it's...pretty. HERE.

the WI crew.
(+ Joyce, from IL, but we still love her;)

my dad took these photos!:):)

my perfect cousin, Briton. I introduce her that way:);)
SO much fun hanging out, Briton!!!!!!!

when your another freaking selfie!!!!;)

more of the disgustingness of their reception;)
UNION PINE...see you in 4YRS!!!!;)


sunday...after buttering them up with donuts and coffee, I got that dreaded group photo...and then we headed to the coast!:)

we were SOOOO close...but yet so far. We didn't have the time to walk all the way to the rocks, which was a bummer and another excuse to leave this on the bucket list to be checked-off some other time:)

my aunt and uncle own a Vineyard. 
Do you think they'd be embarrassed to know that I've included that on my resume?;)

it's just...beautiful foxy classy stunning - had to hit the Thesaurus for that cause I've been whoring out beautiful and pretty and gorgeous:/.  

after our quick trip to the beach, we hustled back to the vineyard and it was worth our hustle. It was a sight to see and it was so fun to hear and see everything that my aunt and uncle have done with it, since purchasing it 35YRS ago:)

giving up alcohol, almost 5MO ago, felt the most stupid...right.this.second.
*not shown: me crying into my bottle of water!!!!:'''''''(

the family...on a trailer... a vineyard

quick ferry ride on the way back from the vineyard. 

I don't have to know that you're rolling your know that you're rolling your eyes. YES, this vacation was that perfect, that it ended with a God.DAMN.FERRY.RIDE!!!!;)

have the vacation fairy's been kind to me or am I just at an age that I can appreciate EVERY single aspect of a vacation? Especially, one that includes a beautiful state, a gorgeous wedding/bride, the ocean, a freaking vineyard AND wonderful family????

i feel like I've always vacationed pretty well - I'll be blocking comments from my parents;). Man, I love to travel. 

i don't know where we'll be headed next but I won't stop checking the prices of flights daily and texting Jacob ideas for adventures I've schemed up!!!

happy traveling, friends:)


  1. beautiful beautiful beautiful! I need to get out to the west coast.
    Looked like a wonderful vacation! :)