Monday, October 17, 2016


post by Courtney

I may be a broken record, but we couldn't be happier. 

Saturday we welcomed a beautiful baby boy to our family. 

We've been so, so blessed! and we're just so thankful everyone is healthy!

welcome Coy David!
born Saturday, October 15 at 1:40pm
weighing 7lbs 14oz and 19.5" long

currently eating, sleeping, pooping, and snuggling round the clock. and enjoying every second of it!

more photos to come!

a huge thank you to my sister, Megan, for all her help with the kids while we've been... preoccupied. and for cleaning the frig... I'm certain there was something dying or growing in there! 

also thanks to all the visitors and kind comments from all our friends and family. we feel the love, and we're so thankful to have all of you in our life!

now we patiently wait for my parents to get home from Europe to meet the little man! 
check out her amazing photos here!