Wednesday, April 27, 2016

i shall now spend all our monies on spa days.

my friend, Karey, with the help of my sneaky husband:), planned a little Spa Day!

i've gotten 2 prenatal massages at a great local spot - Back to Bliss - but this was my first time at a full.on.Spa - The Wellness Spa Resort, in Stevens Point, WI. We got back massages and a pedicure and sipped on cucumber water and felt ridiculously high-class and rested and rich and 27-ish and childless...except for when I had to take a break and go pump...that was a pretty good reminder that I had kids at home;) 

from start to was a fantastic experience. The decor/feel/ambiance of the entire facility was so so pretty and filled with so much character - a little bit about the history of The Wellness Spa Resort HERE. The massage was great - minus me having to pee SO damn badly about 3/4 of the way through!!! Too much cucumber water;). The staff were friendly and professional and so helpful.

massage hair is real. FYI.

besides how amazing the spa was...the entire day was just sooooooo so good. Jacob was home from work and so I was able to go for a walk/jog that morning. Jacob and I had coffee together and did some cleaning before I left for the Spa. And then I enjoyed a road-trip to Stevens Point, WI and spa and lunch - coffee and amazing sandwiches at Emy J's - and a nice long walk and fantastic company:) It was great to catch-up one-on-one with a really good friend:) We had ourselves a pretty neat Tuesday!


a goal of mine this year was and is to, not only, do more things with the kids...inexpensive (if not free!!!) outings and adventures BUT to take some time for myself and Jacob, as well. It definitely helped that this was a near-free trip (Karey drove and paid for the Spa services!!!!!:):). But it was so fun trying something new!

Stevens Point is such a great little city! My girlfriend lived there for a few years and was able to show me around a bit. There are some great little parks for the kids. Free events. Fishing hotspots. Trails. I'm excited to go back with the family:)

if you are local and have kiddos at home and are itching to get out of the house - minus the Target bill;) - check-out Healthy Kids Day at the Marshfield Area YMCA. It's a FREE Event on April 30th, from 10AM-1PM - so you can still make it home for nap time!!!!!

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