Friday, April 15, 2016

theo daisy: 24 months and rocky peyton: 5 months

post by casey

theo daisy celebrated her 2nd Birthday! I hardly had a minute to digest that;) I'm not entirely sad about having forgotten to cry myself to sleep in the week leading up to this monumental birthday;)

check out her 1st birthday HERE.

i can sum Theo up in one - 3 syllable - word, that I made-up: sass-pa-rilla

she's 1-part cute-as-all-hell and 1-part complete-shit-head.

every day, Theo spits out new words or the same word but we can actually understand it?;) She still LOVES her cuddles and loves her little baby dolls - thank you Me-Moo and Auntie Pigg:). She still sleeps through the night, in her crib, but we've got her 'big girl' bed all set-up and now just have to find a time when we're ready, to give it a go:)

one of my favorite past-times is to just cuddle with you and stare at your face and memorize your little teeth and your adorable smile and those little fingers in your mouth. You can be so damn naughty but luckily it's still're so cute that we have to turn away to hide our smiles and laughing - except yesterday, when you poked me in the eye and I wanted to boot your baby doll, Anchorman style, out onto the highway!!!!;)

happy birthday, baby girl. You are unicorn-special:)

so this isn't real?!?!?

and then there's Rocky P:)
rocky p is 5 months. Which makes me want guessed it....vomit...blah blah blah;)

he's pretty much perfect and I don't know that I've ever said that about the other 2 (less than perfect children we have;)...if I did...I shouldn't have;)

and another milestone that should never be overlooked: baby in blue jeans. Those are like work pants. My baby is leaving the house in workable bottoms. He's not yet eating solids but he's damn near employed!!!! 
I on the other hand...choose to only wear nonworking pants;)

rocky has spent the last 5 months proving that he's the favorite;) - I'm KIDDINGGGGG!!!;) - I can almostttttt understand why some people choose to stop on such a high. Cause I'm not sure such a child can be beat:)

rocky is rolling all over. Back to front. Front to back. He's able to move himself forward a bit...not crawling by any means but definitely moving around on the floor!! He's a champ at sleeping. He has been sick with a cough and besides being a little sad in the eyes...he never lets on that he's not feeling well! Still nursing strong and hoping to get to at least 10 months. 

he's been the greatest addition. I know I've said it before...but I'll say it a million times over:

thank gawddddddd for Rocky P:)