Wednesday, April 6, 2016

home gardening for people who don't home garden.

post by casey.

putting something in the dirt and having it pretty neat. I may be obsessed with the idea of me...little ol' me...being able to 'grow' things in general. I can grow babies pretty hard and so maybe growing my 'thing'?;)

i did not put any thought or prep into this project and it turned.out.awesomeeeeee. My favorite kinda project;) - minus that rogue 's' in basil...but I just turned the jar around and started over!:)  

*if you're a die-hard-3-wick-candle-lover from Bath & Body Works, then you may have already recognized these jars. I've invested a bit of $$ into those glorious candles and I was finally able to say to Jacob: "SEE...SEEEEEEE...totallyyyyyy worth it!!!!"

here's what I did:

- i sent Jacob to Menards to get all supplies

- i sent Jacob downstairs to spray-paint the jars

i'm getting to the part where I actually DID something;)

- i used these handy stamps to label the jars and because I didn't have an ink pad, I just used a sharpie to color on the stamps

- i read the back of the seed packages and planted them accordingly

courts has a great little set-up going - see post HERE - and she even involved the kids, which was super adorable. I did ask Homer if he'd like to help and showed him how fun it was to put the dirt in the jars!!! He opted to watch Guardians of the Galaxy instead. Team player.

so I forgot when it was that I did I'm not sure when I should be expecting to see some growth. BUT I can tell you I've been watering them every day - which, I hear is necessary?!;) And I feel really good that this is totallyyyyyy going to work;) I'll report back.

this little project is a great start to our big garden. Kinda gets our toes wet a little before we have to really get to work on the 'real' one. And by 'we'...I mean, Courts. And by 'work'...I mean, I'll refill coffee and plant things too close together in crooked rows;)

see ya in a MONTH warm-garden-prep-weather!!! April, you're a dick.


  1. this is perfection! also, bring me the rest of those seeds ;)

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