Tuesday, April 5, 2016

the beginning of #smithsgrowshit2016

post by Courtney

the closer it gets to spring, the more I crave the garden. I miss my neighbor terribly. She was the rock foundation of our garden. to be honest, she did most of the garden. I was mostly there drinking coffee, making sure plants were evenly spaced, and occasionally removing rocks from rows. oh, and I did a bit of weeding. you know, the important stuff ;)

this will be the third year (I believe) we'll be gardening on our own. which means, we're going to try to harvest some beans this year. and maybe look for watermelons before October! 

looked back in my photostream... *correction: and maybe look for watermelons before November! jeepers. we maybe aren't the best at gardening.*

so we're gonna give it another shot this year. ha! I've got the itch so got some seeds and little greenhouse thingies. yeah, I'm a pro at this ;)

intense concentration. and how cute, they have matching double chins.

the kids love to help in the garden. 

for future reference, whenever I use the words "help" and "kids" in the same sentence, it's complete BS. and I'm not talking about a Bachelor of Science. 

sssooo I let them dump dirt in the containers and stir in the water. this is obviously the before photo of our planting. no one's crying. and the island is clean ;) 

I occupied the little two with bowls of dirt and spoons. as you can see, Will is just dumping his on the floor. but Drew enjoyed planting the ittttttty bitty seeds.

what we planted: 3 kinds of tomatoes (4th of July, Romas, and cherry), watermelons, carrots, and cosmos. you know, the essentials ;) planning to plant more tomatoes and I completely forgot peppers cause I want to actually make something out of the garden this year and that means salsaaaaa!!!

this is the more realistic island ;)

and not even a week later, we had our first sprouts! the kids thought it was the coolest thing. and I think it's amazing how you can actually grow something from seed. now just to keep them alive :| the first to sprout were the cosmos. I have no idea what we'll do with these, buttt we have cosmos.

I did learn a few things during this process... 
1) next time I'll choose bigger containers. the tomatoes might need to be transplanted once before they make it to the garden. I don't think the containers I got are quite big enough. 
2) no need to plant carrots early. ours are going to be stunted, short, and crooked. 
3) I may also do some of this during naptime next time  ;)

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  1. Kudos to you, Court, with all the enthusiasm of a master gardener! Your sprouts look amazing!!!! Just remember to keep them MOIST! I planted lots of jalapeño peppers, sweet peppers, cabbage, and Bell peppers so will share my extras.