Sunday, April 10, 2016

merle + willie

post by casey.

jacob and I went to a concert in October - just a few weeks prior to Rocky being born. A babymoon, I suppose:) In typical Jacob + Casey fashion...we knew we wanted to do something pretty random. And so...Willie Nelson:) 

to be honest, the reason I started looking into going to see him was because I went into work one day and my coworker was all: "did you hear that Willie Nelson died?". I hadn't - because I don't believe everything I read on the Internet and mostly cause: HE HADN'T DIED;). But for whatever really bothered me that he had 'died' and we had never made an effort to go see him in concert! I called Jacob, who confirmed Willie was still alive - der - and so I set out to get us to a concert!:)

we didn't look too much into it prior to going and we had no idea what to expect. We're fans...but we're not seeing Merle Haggard as well, was a huge surprise! We kept our expectations low and even rationalized that if we were completely bored, we hadn't paid TOO much for tickets and could head out early...

the concert was great. I so great:) Jacob and I walked back to our hotel after and couldn't stop talking about what a great show they had put on and how star-struck we were! We had really really great seats - we were actually much closer than the looks of most of these photos. And we just felt like the music and feel of the whole show was just You could just tell from their songs and demeanor that they were laid-back people. All about love and being happy and just enjoying yourself and the company of the good people around you:)

i was so sad to hear of Merle's passing last week. 
We feel incredibly lucky that we were fortunate enough to see such a legend in person. The music they write and just feels so much simpler to me than a lot of what you hear now-a-days. Seems that all they're trying to say is that you should just be a good person. Chill out. Love yourself. Love each other. Have fun and enjoy this dang life!!!:)

we had such a fantastic time. We already have a few Willie records and will be on the look-out to add a Merle one as well. Our kids will be growing-up on these classics:)

rip. Merle

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  1. We saw Willy in concert in Ft. Worth Texas and totally enjoyed him. Fred and I have both been Willy fans for years. Love his music.