Thursday, July 6, 2017

twenty-five weeks.

post by casey.

we're 25WKS...ONLY 15WKS to go! That does Not seem like enough!!!! There's not a whole lot to report, seeing as I just did a quick update recently - see that HERE, if you missed it.

i'm still feeling really great and mostly in good spirits and even more mostly tired;). 

i did a bitttttt of shopping tonight at Old Navy...oh, my gosh...I found SO many things that I loved and so as soon as I got home I purged a bunch of stuff from my closet - check-out my InstaStories, HERE, to see everything I got!!!:).
And I do plan to sell a bunch of stuff over on Facebook at some point - maybe tomorrow while it storms!? So keep an eye out for some fun/inexpensive stuff to pop up on there!

i'm not sure what you do for maternity clothes but my mantra is to not purchase anything (if it can be helped) that won't work before/during AND after my pregnancy. I don't like investing money in things that will only be used for a short period of time. But maybe most people aren't 5 different sizes during their pregnancy - small, large, larger, extra-large and my experience;).

i'll hand it over to Jacob to add a little insight into our 4th pregnancy:

what do you want to add about our 4th baby, what are you thinking?


anything you're excited about or scared about?

"ready to be out with the old and in with the new!!!;)"

what's your favorite part about the birth?

" favorite part is right after it comes out. It's so crazy...there's so much going on!"

there you have it folks, 15WKS until it comes out and shit gets crazy;)

pants H&M
they're my regular size but just super stretchy (I'm definitely putting them to work!!;)

i've bought several hats from this store and they're worth the investment!

also...these photooooossssss - thanks, Courts! All the heart eyes! We're not taking them too often but when we do, we're trying some different things:) And I was also so happy to get my hat out of the closet for the day - I loveeeee me a hat!! Having minimized my closet so much tonight has helped me to be reminded of all the stuff I have and love! Looking forward to taking some more photos in the coming weeks and sharing some more of my favorite looks!:)


  1. Tepeat after me, its not gping to storm tomorrow, its not going to stprm tomorrow. 😋 on a side note you and that hat are adorbs. Pregnant ladies make hats cute? Or do I just know two cute pregnant ladies who can rock cute hats?

    1. Just ignore the typos its 630 ive been up for 1 1/2 hours. After sleeping in a camper with my hoodlums. 😲

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